All-Time World XI


  1. No 9x10 list?


    1. I’m not clearly understand what you mean ?

    2. When I click on 9x10 page on minor hall of fame it says that the page doesn't exist.

    3. But I can find it from the main page, so it's ok.

    4. Oh Thanks you very much. I forgot to change the link in gadget and now it has been OK.

  2. Hello,

    Your work is just amazing ! Congratulations !

    A few questions and remarks:
    How often do you update it ?
    How many people are working on the site to review player abilities and ranking ?

    Sometimes some people maybe frustrated when they don't see a player in the 9x100 list.
    Will the full list available one day ?

    I hope this site will keep on living !

    P. G.

    1. Thanks for compliment.
      I update it every half and end of club season/international major tournament.
      I'm only person who work on this blog. However, the comments sometimes conduct to further revisions.
      I'm not understand what do you mean about full list. Now all lists have been completed.

  3. Hello Naratorn,
    I've noticed your blog the last few years and i like it a lot.
    You've gather together info about the most important players in all positions and you've compare them very objectively. very nice job.
    You used to have an option in your blog that it was called "the most skillful players" or something like this and there were some lists with players by position. the positions were center back, full back, side back, winger back, difence midfielder, box to box, center midfielder... if i remember it well.
    It was helped me a lot to understand more deeply some things about the positions but now i cant find it.
    Have you removed it on purpose? becase it was very usefull i think.
    Can you add it again to your blog plz???

    1. Thanks you for participation. I think you means the ranking table of player skill ? I removed it because it was too subjective and now I have done my project of Video watching (220 Matches) to rate players' skill objectively. It has been some clips I need to watch. I plan to finish in the end of this month to conclude the table in which show score and top 50 most skillful players by position.

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  5. Congratulations for the great work! It is really a very rich blog.
    I have a question about the All-Time World XI, as we see it in the video.There is no defensive/central midfielder in it. Wouldn't it make it unbalanced? Shouldn't Matthaeus and Rijkard replace Zidane and Cruyff ?