The Skill Evaluation Project

This project is to analyze players’ specific skill to rank the best ever list by specialized skill and total skill based on Video samples and evaluate the skills for establishing the ranking.

Project Plan :  Specialized Skill : 1 September – 31 December 2017 
                 Total Skill by Position : 1 January 2017 - 31 April 2017 
                 (The works will be established progressively)


1) Collect 10 video playing samples of potential players for each evaluated skill function. If less than 10 samples, the reliability index will be indicated.
2) Calculated circumstantial factor value by average parameters calculation (1 - 10 from lowest to highest difficulty) consists of ;
   2.1) Situation 
   2.2) Level of Opponent
   2.3) Level of Competition
3) Evaluate each skill attribute by visual inspection. Only acceleration is detected by timer counter. The designated score is based on comparative model.
4) Calculate skill function scores by combining skill attribute proportional weight. 
5) Reevaluate total skill of top 20 most skillful players in each position to make a new ranking by position in main seven category.

The chart of skill categorization

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  1. Dear All Readers

    Please be informed that "Peak Performance" as credit bond rating has been added in each players' profile within The Major Hall of Immortals.