The Greatest Offensive Laterals of All-Time

Definition of winger includes these positions

1. Side-Midfielder : Players base on side midfield area to cross the ball
2. Winger : Players always go forward to operate the game at edge of the field.
3. Wing-Forward : Players between winger and forward in 4-3-3 system but they must greater as winger than central forward.
4.Free-Role Attacker : Attacking Midfielders who operate the game in the edge of the field a lot more often than central area.

Before World War II, This position was known as “Outside Forward”

50. Milos Milutinovic

Date Of Birth : 5 Febuary 1933
Nation : Serbia
Position : Right-Wing Forward
Height : 181 cm
Major Club : Partizan Belgrade
Caps : 33 Games (16 Goals)
Professional Scores Record : 231 Goals/ 213 Games
World Cup Participation : 1954, 1958 (6 Games with 1 Goal)
Club Honours :  2 Times Yugoslav Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1956 European Cup Top Scorer

“Blond Gyroscope” Miloš Milutinović is one of the most talented players in the history of Yugoslavian football. He was the top-class player with excellent technique, very fast and agile. He was fantastic reader of the game combine with great movement, had unique style of dribble. Milutinović could play as right-winger or center forward, was very outstanding to beat defenders to make scores by himself, was an unstoppable one in his prime. Unfortunately, His lung problem was the obstacle to interrupt his career played in only 5 years for national team and played in Yugoslavian league just five seasons with 65 percent of all league games and disappeared in club level in full two seasons. Real Madrid and Inter Milan ever offered him to move for them but communist regime did not allow players to play outside the country. Milutinovic was nominated in Ballon'Dor once time in 1957. He prominently scored 4 goals in European Cup first round match against Sporting Portugal in 1955.


ed in only 5 years for national team and played in Yugoslavian league just five seasons with 65 percent 
49. Bora Kostic

Date Of Birth  :  14 June 1930
Nation  : Yugoslavia, Caps : 33 Games (26 Games)
Position:  Left and Right Winger
Height  : 184 cm, Major Club  :  Redstar Belgrade
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Score Record  :  165 Goals/ 270 Games
Club Honours   :   6 Times Yugoslavian League
3 Time Yugoslavian League
International Honours    :   1960 Olympic Game Gold Medal
1960 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Yugoslavian League Top Scorer
1960 European Championship Best XI

Bora Kostic is one of the most prolific scorers among legendary wingers. He was a superstar of Redstar Belgrade and reached the prime of career in the late 1950s. Kostic was a free-kick specialist, is one of the most powerful shooters ever and even combined with its accuracy and curve, scored 158 goals in 258 league games and won twice times league top scorer despite being a midfielder. He was a versatile player with high level of positioning skill, ran to many areas on the pitch, was very good in understanding of the game and had a great ball crossing. Kostic played in European Cup twice tournaments and reached the semi-finalist in 1957. Kostic was nominated in Ballon'Dor once time in 1960 and finished 12th place. 

48. Rene Houseman

Date Of Birth  :   19 July 1953
Nation     :   Argentina
Position   :    Right-Winger
Height     : 165 cm
Major Club   :  Huracan
Caps    :  55 Games
World Cup Participation : 1974, 1978 (12 Games/4 Goals)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Argentina Metropolitano
International Honours    : 1978 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement  :   None

Rene Houseman is regarded as one of the most talented Argentinian wingers of all-time. A small player, His supreme-class dribbling ability was a prototype of Diego Maradona. When it combined with his acceleration and agility, It become unstoppable running for opponents. He is also known as a clever ambidextrous player. In only his first season with Huracan, he immediately helped the club to win the Argentine title and Huracan still sustain the high place as one of the top clubs in Argentina in the mid-70s, finished second place in Metropolitano once. Houseman was one of the important players helped Argentina winning World Cup 1978 in their homeland but his best tournament was the 1974 FIFA World Cup. On the other hand, His career was cut short due to problems with alcoholism and led him stand as a starter for Argentina until only his 26 year olds and his club career was not stable anymore after his only 27 year olds. He was voted in top ten South American footballer of the year by El Mundo twice times in 1974 and 1977.

47. Jurgen Grabowski

Date Of Birth  : 7 July 1944
Position : Right-Side-Midfielder, Playmaker
Height :  183 cm, Caps : 44 Games
Major Club  :  Eintracht Frankfurt
World Cup Participation : 1966, 1970, 1974 (11 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Time DFB-Pokal, 1980 UEFA Cup
International Honours : 1974 FIFA World Cup Champion
1972 European Championship Winner
1970 FIFA World Cup Third Place
1966 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  Eintract Franfurt Greatest Player Ever

Jurgen Grabowski was a consistent versatile German midfielder in the 1970s. He is rated by kicker in 10.5 international-class seasons mostly as winger role and reached his peak with a half of world-class season as playmaker role in 1977 that is the only year he was nominated in Ballon’Dor and he also finished his best place at second in German footballer of the year in 1978 at the time he had retired from international football. Grabowski is named Bundesliga team of the year 8 times as the third highest appearances ever and is the highest appearances in team of the week in the 1974 – 1975 season alongside Franz Beckenbauer when he finished 3rd place in Bundesliga as the best league place in his career. He is known as an efficient creator at side or central midfield. 

46. Karl Aage Praest

Date Of Birth  :  22 February 1922
Nation     :    Denmark
Position :   Left-Winger
Height    :  178 cm
Major Club   :  Juventus
Caps   :   24 Games (17 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  : 2 Times Italian Series A
International Honours   : 1948 Olympic Game Bronze Ball
Individual Achievement  :  Danish Football Hall of Fame

Karl Aage Praest is one of the most symbolic and elegant Danish footballers and was the leading Danish superstar between the 2nd half 1940s to 1st half 1950s. Denmark never closed to qualify World Cup final in his era but he still helped the team to win Bronze Medal in the 1948 Olympic game. Praest  start playing in Danish amateur top league at his 24 years old and spent time there three seasons. Præst's career highlight was originated when he moved to Juventus in his late career at 27 years old and immediately won Series A in his first season. He was acknowledged as a world-class talent, with great balance and dribbling, and a great end-product of either precise crossing or a good shot on goa, equipped with the foresight of the game. He could play as winger on the both side and sometime switched to attacking midfielder. 

45. Canhoteiro

Date Of Birth  :  24 September 1932
Nation    :   Brazil
Position  :   Left-Winger
Height    :  168 cm
Major Club   :  Sao Paulo
Caps  :  15 Games
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :    1 Time Campeonato Paulista
1955 Small World Cup
International Honours    :    None           
Individual Achievement  :    None

Canhoteiro is one of the most talent wingers in football history and is regarded as the most skillful left-winger Brazil has ever produced but his career was characterized as an inconsistency profile and is one of the greatest idols of the club although being filled with low achievement both team and individual, finished four runner-up Campeonato Paulista and one runner-up torneio rio -sao paolo. His pure ability is undoubtedly good enough to be a starter for Brazil national team winning two World Cup tournaments in 1958 and 1962 instead of Mario Zagallo and Pepe but he was withdrawn through his career after playing of his nation in only three years due to his unprofessional behavior of alcoholism. Nevertheless, Canhoteiro was a complete winger, most notable for his superb dribbling. At least, He became a legendary player of Sao Paulo club where he played nine seasons more than 400 games and scored more than 100 goals.

44. Coen Moulijn

Date Of Birth  :  15 February 1937
Nation    :   Netherlands
Position   :   Left-Winger
Height      :  178 cm
Major Club  :  Feyenoord
Caps    :   38 Games
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours : 5 Times Dutch Champions
2 Times Dutch Cup
1970 European Cup, Intercontinental Cup
International Honours/Individual Achievement  :   None

Coen Moulijn was one of the top European wingers in the early 1960s, is one of the most underrated wingers of all-time due to his appearance for Holland during their failure years and is one of the best players in history of Feyenoord club where he spent a whole 17 seasons career for them.. He was believed by many Dutch as the greatest winger to ever present for their country, very fast and excellent dribble, was known for his dramatic and inimitable actions on the flanks. His style is compared by some to Stanley Matthews, Moulijn is considered one of the most talented left-wingers in Dutch football history. Johan Cruyff regarded Coen mastered one movement better than anyone: threatening to pass his opponent through the center, and then speeding past him on the other side. He was an exceptionally talented football player, a typical product of the Dutch school. Moulijin was nominated Ballon'Dor once time in 1964.

43. Antonin Puc
Date Of Birth   :  16 May 1907
Nation  :  Czechoslovakia
Position  :  Left-Wing-Forward
Height  :  175 cm
Major Club  :  Slavia Prague
International Caps.  :  61 Games (35 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 1934, 1938 (5 Games with 2 Goals)
Club Honours  : 5 Time Czechoslovakian League
International Honours : 1934 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Czechoslovakian League Top Scorer
Czechoslovakia All-Time Top Scorer

Antonin Puc is the greatest Czechoslovakian winger of all-time and was the greatest winger in history of the Mitropa Cup. He is one of the top legends of Slavia Prague where he helped to reach Mitropa Cup semi-finalists four times and was always narrowly defeated. Puc was a prolific scorer with accuracy shooting, was very agile and possessed top-class dribbling ability. His outstandingly aggressive characteristic combined with his talent was well-contributed to his team.  He mainly played as outside-left but sometimes switches to play as a center-forward in emergency time. He holds the record most consecutive games scorer for Czechoslovakia with seven primarily did it in 1927. Puc was famous for making the only score fro Czechoslovakia in World Cup 1934 final

42. Alan Morton

Date Of Birth  :  24 April 1893
Nation     :   Scotland
Position  :   Left-Winger
Height   :  160 cm
Major Club  :   Glasgow Rangers
Caps    :   31 Games
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours    :   5 Times Scottish Top Division
1 Time Scottish Cup
International Honours     :  None
Individual Achievement  :  Glasgow Rangers Greatest Player Ever

"Wembley Wizard" Alan Morton is the greatest winger in the World and the greatest British footballer during the first half 1920s. He is recognised as one of the best legends in history of Glasgow Rangers club that dominated Scottish football in his playing period. Morton started professional career at his 27 years old, played as outside-left for around 500 games in club level totally and was selected to play in Scottish league XI for 15 times. Morton is so short player but His talent lay in his physical balance, speed and thought. His nickname is created after he showed superb performance in match against England over and over again. Today a portrait of Morton in his Scottish strip stands at the top of the marble staircase at Ibrox's Main Stand such is his enduring stature at the club.


41. Juan Joya

Date Of Birth  :  25 February 1934
Nation :  Peru, Caps : 10 Games (3 Goals)
Height  :  177 cm, Position : Left-Wing-Forward
Major Club  :  Alianza Lima, Penarol
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :  2 Times Peruvian League
6 Times Uruguaya League
2 Times Copa Libertadores Cup (1961, 1966), 1965 Runner-Up
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1961, 1966)
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1 Time Peruvian League Top Scorer

Juan Joya was one of the greatest South American wingers in the first half 1960s and is the greatest Peruvian wingers of all-time. Joya is a top legend of Penarol club as one of the most iconic players and primarily playing in Uruguayan league led him to be called for a few caps for Peru national team, most notably performing in the 1959 South American Championship. Joya was a complete winger, was a very strong player with top rate acceleration and speed and always showed his skillful dribbling and crossing. He scored around 100 goals in more than 223 games and this could prove his prominent scoring ability. Joya played for Penarol in the highest league until his 35 years old. He also played a game for Uruguay national team in 1965.

40. Gareth Bale
Date Of Birth  : 16 July 1989
Nation : Wales, Height  : 186 cm
Position  : Left-Wing-Forward
Major Club  :  Tottenham Hot Spurs
Caps  :  66 Games (26 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours : 1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
4 Times UEFA Champion League (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)
2014 FIFA Club World Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  :   4 Times Welsh Player of the Year
2013 FWA Footballer of the Year
2 Times PFA Players’ Player of the Year
2010 BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year

Gareth Bales is the greatest winger in the World during the mid-2010s as well as the best British player in the same period. He started his great performance in left-back position at Tottenham and his quality of attacking brought him to switch to winger position conveniently. Then, he moved to Real Madrid by World Record transfer value. Bale is the youngest player ever to debut for Wales and became a key man who led Wales got success in the 2016 European Championship that is its first participation in major international tournament in the last 58 years and achieved its best place ever. Bale is renowned for his ball striking from distance, swerving free kicks, and his ability to get past defenders with pace ans also possesses great crossing ability and exceptional physical qualities. He was named in PFA team of the year three times and UEFA Champion League squad of the season once.

39. Lennart Skoglund

Date Of Birth  :  24 December 1929
Nation     :  Sweden
Position   :   Left-Winger
Height    :  170 cm
Major Club   :   Inter Milan
Caps    :  11 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1950, 1958 (9 Games)
Club Honours   :   2 Times Italian Series A
International Honours   :  1950 FIFA World Cup Third Place
1958 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  : None

"The Waving Corncob" Lennart Skoglund is the greatest left-winger Sweden and Inter Milan has ever produced. He was a true entertainer living to please the crowds, wherever he plied his trade. Nutmegs, back-heels and mazy turns always kept his opponents guessing and mostly in the wrong direction. His fine ball-control, excellent left foot and fine distribution made him a big favourite with the fans. He participated in the 1950 World Cup tournament where neither Liedholm or Nordahl is available. Sweden failed to qualify to the 1954 World Cup because they would not recall exiles like Nacka, hence his few caps, but when the Swedes played host to the 1958 tournament, they had a change of heart and Skoglund appeared in all Sweden’s games as they finished runners-up to Brazil.

38. Giampiero Boniperti

Date Of Birth  :  4 July 1928
Nation    :  Italy
Position    :   Right-Wing-Forward
Height  :  175 cm
Major Club   :   Juventus
Caps  :   38 Games
World Cup Participation  :   1950, 1954
Club Honours   :   5 Times Italian Series A
2 Times Copa Italia
International Honours   :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1948 Series A Top Scorer

Giampiero Boniperti was the greatest Italian footballer during the 1950s. With 182 goals in all-competitions, he was the highest goalscorer in Juventus' history for more than 40 years, until his record was bested by Alessandro Del Piero. Notably, he is the tenth-highest goalscorer of all-time in Serie A. Boniperti signed for Juventus at age 16, he had already built himself a reputation prior to this at youth level, as he scored 11 goals in one match. At a try-out in which he scored seven goals, Although he began as a centre forward he was a flexible player, and could play also as an inside forward or on the right wing. However, in 1957 La Vecchia Signora signed two forwards; John Charles and Omar Sivori, along with them Boniperti would be a part of what was referred to as "the Magical Trio". The three players ___________________________________

37. Pierre Littbarskiimpeccably together.
Date Of Birth  :  16 April 1960
Nation   :    West Germany
Position  :   Right-Winger
Height  :    168 cm
Major Club  :   FC Koln
Caps   :    73 Games (18 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 82,86,90 (18 Games/3 Goals/7 Assists)
Club Honours   :   1 Time DFB-Pokal
International Honours    :   1990 FIFA World Cup Champion
2 Times FIFA World Cup Runner-Up (1982, 1986)
Individual Achievement  :   1982 FIFA World Cup Top Assist Providor

“The Demon of Baviera” Pierre Littbarski was one of the German brilliant stars during the 1980s. He mostly played as attacking midfielder for FC Koln and won Bundesliga runner-up three times and played as right-winger for West Germany. He was rated by kicker magazine in 1.5 world class seasons as winger which is the best position he could reached his prime and 5.5 international-class seasons as attacking midfielder, was widely known for his excellent dribbling abilities and humorous attitude, being one of the fan favorites in German Bundesliga. Although he participated in 3 consecutive World Cup West Germany reach all final matches, He was a starter in 1982 and 1990 but was mostly benched in 1986. Litti approximately scored 150 goals during his club career. According to German footballer of the year voting, he was German forward of the year once time. He was named in Bundesliga team of the season three times. Littbarski reached highest place in Ballon'Dor in 1982 at 7th place.

36. Billy Meredith

Date Of Birth  :  30 July 1874
Nation   :   Wales
Position   :    Right-Winger
Height    :   175 cm
Major Club   :  Manchester City
Caps. :  48  Games
Olympic Games Participation : None
Club Honours     :  2 Times English Top Division
2 Times FA Cup
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement : None

Billy Meredith was considered one of the early great superstars of football, is the greatest winger in the World during the mid-1900s, notably played for both Manchester United and Manchester City. About 70 years before Ryan Giggs started making his mark, there was another Welsh Wizard gracing Old Trafford. Billy was famous for his burst of pace, fantastic dribbling runs and deadly crosses. Meredith was football's first big superstar. Wherever he played, he would attract massive crowds who would flock to watch him play. He played with a swagger and confidence, as well as playing while chewing a toothpick for concentration. Meredith started to play in English Top Division when he was already 26 years old and totally played nine seasons in second division. He retired from internationally football at the extraordinary age of 46, made a score in 1945 as the oldest international scorer ever. Later on he played his last game for Man City at the age of 49.

35. Eden Hazard

Date Of Birth  :  7 January 1991
Position  :  Free-Role Attacker
Height  :  173 cm, Caps : 76 Games
Major Club  :  Lille, Chelsea
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours : 1 Time French League, 2 Times Premier League
1 Time French Cup, 2013 UEFA Europa League
International Honours    :   2018 World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  2011 Bravo Award

2 Times French League Player of The Year (2011, 2012)
2015 FWA and PFA Player of the Year
2016 UEFA Euro Top Assist Provider
2017 Belgian Golden Shoe
2018 FIFA World Cup Silver Ball

Eden Hazard is the most talented midfielder in the World during the mid-2010s and is the best Belgian footballer since the 2000s. He gains his reputation with Lille where his performance attracts Chelsea to offer the contract. He finally reached his prime career with Chelsea. However, Hazard is inconsistent, was disappointed in his performance in the 2014 World Cup. Two of Hazard's most common exemplary traits are his pace and technical ability, which is described as astonishing and mesmerizing, respectively. He is also known as a superb passer, operating the game between left-wing and attacking midfield area. Hazard is named in PFA team of the year 4 times, ESM team of the year and UEFA Team of the year once in 2015 which he also finished his best place in FIFA Ballon Dor at 8th and UEFA best player in Europe at 6th.    

34. David Beckham

Date Of Birth  :  2 May 1975
Nation : England, Caps : 115 Games (17 Goals)
Height  :  183 cm, Position :  Right-Side Midfielder
Major Club :  Manchester United
World Cup Participation : 98,02,06 (13 Games/3 Goals/6 Assists)
Club Honours  :  6 Times English Premier League, 1 Time FA Cup
1999 UEFA Champion League, 1999 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement : 2003 England Player of The Year 
1999 UEFA Champion League MVP - Best Midfielder
1999 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
2 Times Silver Ball FIFA World Player of The Year (1999, 2001)
2001 BBC Sports Personality of The Year
BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement
Premier League Team of The Decade

David Beckham is one of the most famous sportsmen in the World because of his symbolic characteristic. He is notable for his precision crossing as one of the best ever in this skill and is a free-kick specialist but lack of high speed and technical ability. He compensated it with his great teamwork, vision to pass the ball and his work rates. Especially, Beckham is one of the most important players helping Man Utd won the only triple major champions in history of British football, created many assists from his crossing. Beckham captain England during the early 2000s and became the important role for his soul as an Englishman after being received the red card in 1998 FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final match. After a decade for Man United, He leaved the club to Real Madrid. Beckham is selected in four times PFA Player of the Year He is currently England's most-capped outfield player. However, Beckham was not rated in any world-class domestic season according to media rating and was named as Premier League player of the month only once in 1996. As a free-kick specialist, he is all-time free-kick top scorer in Premier League and totally scored 54 free-kicks in his overall career. Beckham also finished second place BBC Sports Personality of the Year twice in 1999 and 2002. Beckham is named in ESM team of the month 12 times and team of the year once time. According to Ballon'Dor ranking, he is the greatest European winger twice times.

33. Bruno Conti

Date Of Birth  :  13 March 1955
Nation    :  Italy
Position  :  Right and Left-Winger
Height   :   176 cm
Major Club  :   AS Roma
Caps    :   46 Games
World Cup Participation : 1982,1986 (11 Games/3 Assists)
Club Honors : 1 Time Italian Series A, 4 Times Coppa Italia
1984 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours : 1982 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement :  None  

Bruno Conti is the greatest Italian winger of all-time, was the best pure winger in the World during the early 1980s and one of the top players in history of AS Roma club. He was famous with his performance in World Cup 1982, was the second best attacker only to Paulo Rossi in that team. He could play as both left and right-winger well due to his great in both feet. Among the best in the world during his time, Conti was extremely fast, a great passer and a phenomenal dribbler. Conti received highest rating of his performance in Series A by Italian media in 1984 - 1985 season. However, he spent time in Series B twice seasons with Genoa. In the late career. He was chosen as a starter in All-Time AS Roma and Italy national team by many journalists in He was voted 5th European footballer of the year in 1982.

32. Estanislao Basora

Date Of Birth  :  18 November 1926
Nation    :   Spain
Position   :   Right-Winger
Height    :  168 cm
Major Club   :  Barcelona
Caps   :  22 Games (13 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : 1950 (6 Games with 5 Goals)
Club Honours : 4 Times La Liga4 Times Spanish Cup
2 Times Latin Cup (1949, 1952)
1958 Inter Cities Fairs Cup
International Honours/Individual Achievement :   None

“The Monster of The Colombes” Estanislao Basora Brunet is one of the most skillful Spanish wingers ever, who spent most of his career at FC Barcelona and was marked as the best winger in history of Latin Cup. He was best known for his high speed and agility and exceptional dribbling ability. In 1974, during the club’s 75th anniversary celebrations, he was included in their all-time best XI. Basora also played for both Spain and the Catalan XI. During nine seasons at FC Barcelona he played in 301 games, scoring 112 goals in all competitions. He was a prominent member of the team during one of the club’s most successful eras, won five trophies during the 1951–52 season. He is regarded as the best winger in the 1950 FIFA World Cup, which Spain won fourth place, alongside Alcides Ghiggia by international press. However, injury got him out of two seasons discontinuously. 

31. Franco Causio
Date Of Birth  :  1 February 1949
Nation   :   Italy, Caps   :  63 Games
Position  :   Right-Side Midfielder
Height  :  170 cm
Major Club  :  Juventus
World Cup Participation : 1974,1978,1982 (11 Games)
Club Honours  :   6 Times Italian Series A
1 Time Copa Italia1977 UEFA Cup
1983 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1982 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement :  1982 Guerin Series A Footballer of The Year

“The Baron” Franco Causio is considered one of the most talented Italian midfielders of all time. He was a creative side midfielder who was very good in defensive duty and had a long-ball accuracy. In the great period of Juventus during the lately 1970s his popularity reached its peak: Causio became the main idol of the southern Italians who supported Juventus. He was famous for his stylish moves on the pitch and his well-educated and fair attitude in life. In 1981 he moved to Udinese where he played for 3 years, teaming up with Brazilian superstar Zico and in the 1981 – 1982 season, he was rated by Guerin Sportivo as the most points ever among Italian players but still cannot take place of Bruno Conti as a starter in the 1982 World Cup. He finished his career playing for Serie B team Triestina at the age of 39. Causio was nominated in Ballon'Dor twice and finished best place at 12th in 1976.

30. Grzegorz Lato

Date Of Birth  :  8 April 1950
Nation : Poland, Caps  :  100 Games (45 Goals)
Height  :  175 cm, Position :  Right-Wing-Forward
Major Club : Stal Mielec
World Cup Participation : 74,78,82 (20 Games/10 Goals/7 Assists)
Club Honours  :  1 Time Polish League, 2 Times Polish Cup
1983 CONCACAF Champion Cup
International Honours : 2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974,1982)
1972 Olympic Game Gold Medal, 1976 Olympic Game Silver Medal
Individual Achievement  :1974 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe 
2 Times Polish League Top Scorer (1973, 1975)
2 Times Polish Player of The Year (78, 81) 
2 Times Polish Sport Player of The Year (1977, 1981)

Grzegorz Lato is regarded as one of the greatest right-wingers ever to come from the Eastern Europe. Lato's playing career coincided with the golden era of Polish football, Blessed with remarkable acceleration, the talented winger consistently lived up to the high expectations placed before him whenever he was given the opportunity to compete at the international level. Lato was not renowned as crowd pleaser, but rather as a consistent and complete team player. His uncanny awareness on the playing field was ostensibly what allowed him to achieve great success at the international and club levels. He pri
marily performed as a second striker and scored around 150 goal during his club career and switched to winger position under Poland shirt. Lato holds the all-time record the most appearances for Poland national team and all-time Polish top scorer in World Cup most notable scoring 7 goals in 7 games of the 1974 World Cup . Remarkably, He is an all-time World’s Top scorer as winger for international competition. Lato finished 6th place in the 1974 Ballon'Dor as the best place of winger.

29. Dejan Savicevic

Date Of Birth  :  15 September 1966
Nation  :  Yugoslavia, Caps :  59 Games (19 Goals)
Position : Left and Right-Wing Forward
Height  : 182 cm, Major Club : Red Star, AC Milan
World Cup Participation : 1990,98 (5 Games/No Goal/No Assist)
Professional Score Record  : 113 Goals/ 358 Games
Club Honours :  3 Times Yugoslavian League
3 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Yugoslavian Cup
2 Times European Cup Winners (1991, 1994), 1995 Runner-Up
International Honours   :  None
Individual Achievement : 1991 Yugoslav Athletic of The Year
1991 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year

"The Genious" Dejan Savicevic is one of the most talented Yugoslavian stars during the 1990s. He started well-known when helped Red Star Belgrade successfully won their only European Cup, performed as a left-winger. By that time, He also occasionally played as attacking midfielder. He was excellent in skillful dribbling, close control and vision to create assists. AC Milan brought him in the next season after then. Savicevic could play as wing-forward on both side or second striker as well but he was not a natural great scorer, more often operate as an assister. Nevertheless, He face many times of injury and it led him mistake several important games. Savicevic was always overshadowed by Stojkovic in World Cup games in attacking midfielder position and unfortunately Yugoslavia was suspended between 1992 and 1996, stop his opportunity in three major tournaments participation. He could be considered in a half world-class domestic season by media rating. He got another Ballon'Dor nomination in 1995. 

28. Hans Schafer

Date Of Birth  :  19 October 1927
Nation    :   Germany
Position  :   Left-Winger
Height     :  174 cm
Major Club   :  FC Koln
Caps   :  39 Games (15 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : 1954, 1958, 1962 (15 Games/ 7 Goals)
Club Honours   :  2 Times German Champion
International Honours   :  1954 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement  :  1963 German Footballer of The Year

Hans Schafer is the greatest German left-winger of all-time and one of the best players in history of FC Koln club. He was an outstanding German new generation player after the World War II, a superb winger-scorer with 254 goals from 394 games during his professional club career, played as outside-left until his 30 years old before move playing as inside-forward, was rated by kicker that was available since his 28 years old in 6 seasons of international-class but he is believed to also reach twice world-class seasons between 1952 and 1954. Schafer was real leader on the pitch with good running abilities, coming back to help in playmaking and had solid strength and dribbling. In FIFA World Cup 1954, He scored 4 goals become one of the indispensable players of the team. According to German footballer of the year voting, he was German midfielder of the year twice times.

27. Amancio Amaro

Date Of Birth  :  16 October 1939
Nation : Spain, Caps  : 42 Games (11 Goals)
Height  : 176 cm, Position :  Right-Winger
Major Club : Real Madrid
World Cup Participation : 1966 (2 Games/1 Goal)
Club Honours : 9 Times La Liga, 3 Times Copa Del Rey
1966 European Cup, 1964 Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1964 European Championship Winner
Individual Achievement  :  2 Times La Liga Top Scorer (1969,1970)
1964 European Championship Best Player
1964 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year

"The Witch" Amancio Amaro is the greatest Spanish attacker during the late 1960s, is considered as the best Spanish right winger ever. He was transferred from Deportivo La Coruna to Real Madrid after the decade of the Galacticos had already ended and they mostly had Spanish players in the squad and Amancio finally became one of the most outstanding players to help the club dominate La Liga Champions in the 1960s. He was noted for his great scoring and considerably skillful dribbling. As a Real Madrid player, Amancio played 471 games and scored 155 goals, success to be a legend of the club eventually. Amancio was famous for his scoring decisive goal in the semi-final against Hungary.In 1968, Amancio's reputation reached such international fame, that he had the honour of being called for a world team, promoted by FIFA. Amancio also finished 7th place Ballon'Dor in 1968.

26. Felix Loustau

Date Of Birth  :  25 December 1922
Nation  :   Argentina
Height   :  174 cm
Position  :  Left-Winger
Major Club :  River Plate
Caps  : 28 Games
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours   :   8 Times Argentina Champions
International Honours : 3 Times Copa America (1945,1946,1947)
Individual Achievement  :    
1948 South American Club Championship Top Scorer

"The Chaplin" Felix Loustau is regarded by many as the greatest Argentinian left-winger of all-time and was the greatest winger in the World during the 2nd half 1940s, he played in "La Maquina" that set total football style of play. He basically played as left-winger in this formation system and sometimes interchange position with Angel Labruna in inside-forward role. Loustau had a great physical constitution, peculiar motion of dribble and high quality of defense as he played as side-back in his early career, was known as an all-round players, great crosser, creator and dribbler. He played for River Plate for 15 seasons and retire at his 36 years old with Estudientes. Because the peak of his career was during the Second World War, his international career was limited to play inside the continent only. He is one of a few players in history of South American football to win 3 Copa America Titles.

25. Helmut Rahn

Date Of Birth  :  16 August 1929
Nation : West Germany, Height : 178 cm
Position  :  Right-Wing-Forward
Major Club  :  Rot-Weiss Essen
Caps  :   40 Games (21 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 1954, 1958 (10 Games/ 10 Goals)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Bundesliga Champion
1 Time German Cup      
International Honours    :  1954 FIFA World Cup Winners
Individual Achievement  :   1954 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
1958 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year         

"The Boss" Helmut Rahn is one of the great legends in history of German football and the greatest German winger in history of World Cup, was the greatest German forward in the mid-50s, was sparked by the heroic antics of the German team during the 50’s. Particularly, a right-winger, Rahn showed his great performance in World Cup 1954 final, scores important twce goals and an assist help West Germany to win the game 3-2 over the apparently unbeatable Hungarian team. Rahn was notable for his mentality, team work ability and his powerful shooting. He was rated by kicker since 1955 in 2 World-Class seasons and 3 seasons of International-Class. Rahn also finished in top ten Ballon'Dor in 1959. In 2004, 50 years after the Bern match, a life size statue of him was put up near Georg-Melches-Stadium.

24. Carlos Peucelle

Date Of Birth   :  13 September 1908
Nation      :   Argentina
Position   :   Right-Winger
Height   :  171 cm
Major Club   :  River Plate
Caps    :   29 Games (12 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :  1930 (4 Games)
Club Honours   :   4 Times Argentina Primera Division
International Honours    :  1930 World Cup Runner-Up
2 Times Copa America Winners (1929, 1937)
Individual Achievement  :    None

Carlos Peucelle was the best South American attackers in the second half 1930s, was one of the renowned legends in history of Argentinean football. He was a versatile players, could switch to play well in several attacking positions and mainly played as outside right and is considered one of Argentina's most technical players in their history as well as being the catalyst for starting 'La Maquina" with River plate who went on to dominate football in South America in the 40's. He possessed a great strange dribble skill. Peucelle scored 143 goals in 307 games during his ten seasons for River Plate, scored at least 10 goals in consecutive nine seasons. Peucelle also played for the Argentina national football team he was in the squad of the 1930 FIFA World Cup, where he scored three goals in four games, and played in the final match against Uruguay.

23. Thomas Haesler

Date Of Birth  :  30 May 1966
Nation : Germany, Caps   101 Games (11 Goals)
Height : 166 cm, Position : Free-Role Attacker
Major Club   :  AS Roma, Karlsruhe, 1860 Munich
World Cup Participation : 90,94,98 (14 Games/6 Assists)
Club Honours  :  None
International Honours : 1990 FIFA World Cup Winner
1996 European Championship Winners, 1992 Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1994 FIFA World Cup Top Assister
2 Times German Footballer of The Year (1989, 1992)
1992 European Championship Team of The Tournament
1992 Bronze Ball FIFA World Player of The Year

‘Icke’ Thomas Hassler was recognized as the impressive finest German playmaker during the 1990s. He was reputable for his professional mind, agility, tireless stamina and dazzling dribbling sprees. Hassler was a playmaking free-role who tired to create assist in everywhere of the front line in the pitch with his work-rate. He was also a free-kick specialist. He never won any trophy in club level, finished runner-up Bundesliga with FC Koln twice times plus once time UEFA Cup Runner-Up. Moreover, He reached Copa Italia final in 1993 with Roma but lost again. Then, He played for two unsuccessful clubs in Germany. All was opposite in international level that he got successful career. In 1992, He also won 4th of Ballon d’Or. Kicker rated him 1.5 world-class seasons and 7.5 seasons of international-class. He was also named in Bundesliga team of the season is times. According to German footballer of the year voting, he was German midfielder of the year for twice times.

22. Bernard Vukas

Date Of Birth  :  1 May 1927
Nation  :  Yugoslavia, Caps : 59 Games (22 Goals)
Height  :  170 cm, Position  :  Free-Role Attacker
Major Club  :  Hajduk Split
World Cup Participation : 1950, 1954 (5 Games)
Professional Score Record  : 300 Goals/ 615 Games
Club Honours : 3 Time Yugoslavian League
International Honours  : Olympic Game Silver Medal (1948, 1952)
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Yugoslavian League Top Scorer
1954 Croatia Sportsman of The Year
1955 Yugoslava Sportsman of The Year
Hajduk Split All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever 
Croatia Greatest Player Ever

Bernard Vukas is one of the all-time greatest footballers of former Yugoslavia, great goalscorer, excellent technical player with very good stamina. He could score in every angle, or change his mind and assist player in better position. Although he was basically a forward, He could be found every position during the game to run away his marker, always trying to do what’s best for the team. In 1953 he played in Wembley for the "Rest of the World" team against England. In 1955 he was invited to play for the UEFA-team in Belfast against Great Britain. The game ended 4:1 with a hat trick by Bernard Vukas. In 2000 he was elected from famous Magazine's poll for the best Croatian football player of all times. Vukas got compliments with many great legends in the 1950s that he was one of the best attackers in the World at that era, and was regarded as the greatest European footballer in the 1954 - 1955 season.

21. Piet Keizer

Date Of Birth  :  14 June 1943
Nation  : Netherlands, Caps  :  34 Games (11 Goals)
Height   : 175 cm, Position :  Left-Winger
Major Club  :  Ajax Amsterdam
World Cup Participation  :   1974 (1 Game)
Club Honours  :  6 Times Dutch League
5 Times Dutch Cup
3 Times European Cup (1971, 1972, 1973)
1969 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours    :   1974 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :   None

Piet Keizer is one of the top legends of Ajax Amsterdam, was considered as one of the best wingers in Europe during early 1970s. He and Johan Cruijff were known as the "royal pair", or "the starter and the finisher". Keizer had a gift for not being noticed, but then striking with uncanny precision. Keizer was overshadowed of Cruijff. With the Dutch national team, He played for the Dutch team that finished as runner-ups in the 1974 FIFA World Cup, although he had a minor role. The one reason was due to his already 31 year old of age and his speed had gone down and after an ineffective game by Keizer against Sweden, he was dropped for the remainder of the tournament. He scored 146 goals in 365 games for Ajax. Keizer finished 5th in the 1972 Ballon'Dor as the best place of winger and also finished in top ten Ballon'Dor in 1971.

20. Omar Corbatta

Date Of Birth  :  11 March 1936
Nation  :  Argentina
Position    :   Right-Winger
Height    :  165 cm
Major Club  :  Racing Club
Caps    :  43 Games (18 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :    1958 (3 Games With 3 Goals)
Club Honours    :  4 Times Argentina Champions
International Honours  : 2 Times Copa America Winners (1957, 1959)
Individual Achievement  :  1957 Copa America Best XI
Racing Club Greatest Player Ever

The King of Sideline" or "The Argentinian Garrincha" Omar Corbatta is considered as the greatest Argentinian winger of all-time. Critics used to say he didn´t control the ball with his feet, he used to "fondle" it. His skills were so sharp, he used to make defenders develop a hate based only in his footballing abilities. It was the desperate in situations that he could created simply by playing his artistical football and dribble. But, none of this glorious gifts had any chance with his penaltie scoring ability. He was one of the best players there ever was from the 11 meters marc, was almost infallible in that area, especially due to his impeccable shooting technique and elegance. Corbatta was much tend down after his 26 years old, retired from National team career and played a few games in club level due to bad physical condition caused by alcoholism. 

19. Jimmy Johnstone

Date Of Birth  :   30 September 1944
Nation  : Scotland, Caps  :  23 Games
Height  : 163 cm, Position :  Right-Winger
Major Club : Glasgow Celtic
World Cup Participation  : 1974 (No Game)
Club Honours   :   9 Times Scottish Premier League
4 Times Scottish Cup, 5 Times Scottish League Cup
1967 European Cup, 1970 Runner-Up
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  :  Glasgow Celtic Greatest Player Ever
1967 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year

Jimmy Johnstone was the best right-winger in the Europe in the late 1960s, was voted as Celtic’s greatest player ever by their football fans in 2002. He is the shortest player as we could see in the Europe with 155 cm. It is for sure leading the advantage of agility and acceleration. Johnstone was a superb dribbler and excellent in passing as well. However, His status of legend in domestic club is not much high because he never won any individual award in Scottish league although he was the most outstanding player led Celtic won their only European Cup in 1967. In 2007 Celtic announced that they would erect a statue of Johnstone outside Celtic Park. Johnstone capped only 23 times for Scotland after unwilling to be antagonized by Rangers' fan.

18. Franck Ribery

Date Of Birth  :  7 April 1983
Nation :  France, Caps : 81 Games (16 Goals/20 Assists)
Height  : 170 cm, Position : Left and Right-Winger
Major Club   :  Bayern Munich
World Cup Participation : 2006,2010 (10 Games/1 Goal/2 Assists)
Club Honours   :   3 Times Bundesliga
3 Timed DFB-Pokal1 Time French Cup, 1 Time Turkish Cup
2013 UEFA Champion League, 2 Times Runner-Up (2010, 2012)
International Honours  :  2006 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :  2008 German Footballer of The Year
3 Times French Player of The Year (2007, 2008, 2013)
2012 - 2013 UEFA Best Player In Europe
2013 Bronze Ball FIFA Ballon'Dor
2013 Bronze Ball World Soccer Player of The Year

Franck Ribéry is one of the best attackers in the World in his prime at Bayern Munich during the late 2000s and early 2010s, is described as a player who is fast, tricky and an excellent dribbler who has great control with the ball at his feet. His international reputation of playing was began when he establish himself as an extraordinary player of Olympic Marseille and played there for twice seasons before move to Bundesliga where he has been rated in World-Class 3 seasons and 4 seasons of international-class. In 2012 -2013 season, he played as an important role to help Bayern Munich to win triple champion successfully. Ribery is twice times top assisters in Bundesliga and was named in Bundesliga team of the season four times and is the most weekly appearances in four seasons. Contrary to club level performance, he never reached World-Class with France national team in major tournaments partially due to an internal problem of the team in Domenech era. Ribery was named in UEFA Team of the year twice and FIFPro World XI once times. According to Ballon'Dor ranking, he is the greatest European winger twice times.


17. Raimundo Orsi

Date Of Birth   : 2 December 1901
Nation  : Argentina, Height  : 169 cm
Position :  Right and Left-Winger
Major Club :  Independiente, Juventus
Caps : 13 Games for Argentina, 35 Games for Italy (13 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1934 (5 Games with 3 Goals)
Club Honors : 1 Time Argentine League, 5 Times Italian Series A
International Honours  :  1934 FIFA World Cup Champion
1927 Copa America Winner, 1928 Olympic Game Silver Medal
2 Times Central European International Cup (1930, 1935)
Individual Achievement  :  1 Time Mitropa Cup Top Scorer
1934 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team

Mumo” Raimundo Orsi was the greatest outside forward in the world during the early 1930s. He was an outstanding left winger with great speed and control and a powerful shot. A winger of such grace, pace and phenomenon dribbling ability he illuminated all competition. He is one of Argentinians footballer to be transferred his race to be European later like Alfredo Di Stefano, Luis Monti or Omar Sivori. He won three consecutive three Argentinian cups in the mid-1920s. Then Orsi achieved as one of the best players in the 1928 Olympic games, he transferred his nationality to be Italian before World Cup 1930. Hence, He did not participate in that tournament that Argentina won runner-up. Orsi played as outside-left in seven seasons during his career in Italy and scored more than 100 goals. Orsi was famous for his classy dribbling ability. He sometimes switched to play as center-forward.

16. Jose Macia Pepe             

Date Of Birth  :  25 February 1935
Nation    :    Brazil
Position   :   Left-Wing-Forward
Height     :  181 cm
Major Club  :  Santos
Caps   :  40 Games (22 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1958, 1962 (No Game)
Club Honours : 10 Times Brazil State Championship
5 Times Brazil National Championship
2 Times Copa Libertadores Cup (1962, 1963)
International Honours    :    None
Individual Achievement  :    None

“The Cannon Village” Jose Macia Pepe is one of the most decorated club footballer in history of Brazilian football. He played as a left winger and made a large number of scores more than 400 goals in 750 games during his career for Santos, is the third highest scorer in history of Brazilian football club. His nickname was sourced from his potent kick with his left leg and free-kicks is one of his main strengths, most notably scored a decisive goals by free-kicks in both two 1963 intercontinental match. He claims to be "the greatest human striker in the history of Santos FC - because Pelé is not human" Pepe was named in both the 1958 and 1962 World Cup squads. However, he did not appear in any matches in both tournaments due to preference of coach in tactical ability of Mario Zagallo.

15. Ryan Giggs

Date Of Birth  :  29 November 1973
Nation  :  Wales, Caps :  64 Games (12 Goals)
Height :  180  cm, Position :   Left-Winger
Major Club    :  Manchester United
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  :  12 Times English Premier League
4 Times FA Cup, 3 Times League Cup
2 Times UEFA Champion League (99,08), 2 Times Runner-Up (09,11)
1999 Intercontinental Cup, 2008 FIFA Club World Cup
International Honours   : None
Individual Achievement  :   1993 Bravo Award
2 Times Wales Sport Personality of The Year (1996, 2009)
2007 UEFA Champion League Top Assist
2009 PFA Player of The Year, BBC Sport Personality of The Year
UEFA Champion League Most Assists
Premier League Team of The Decade

Ryan Giggs is famous as one of the most consistent footballers in history of British game. Giggs holds a host of football records including that of being the most domestic decorated player in football history, is the only player to have played and scored in every single season of the Premier League since its inception. Giggs holds Man Utd all-time leader in appearances with 962 and scored around 150 goals. In total career, he made around 1030 appearances. His best goal was happened in FA Cup 1999 semi-final round against Arsenal, showed his superb dribble getting Arsenal’s four players passed and beautifully scored for Man Utd, helped Man Utd won the only triple champs in history of British football. He is one of the famous legends who never played in World Cup. He was named in PFA team of the year 8 times and was awarded premier league player of the month only twice. However, he could be considered in only twice world-class seasons according to media rating and was named in ESM team of the month five times. Giggs reached his highest place in Ballon'Dor in his young age in 1993 at 9th. 


14. Arjen Robben

Date Of Birth  :  23 January 1984
Nation : Holland, Caps :  88 Games (30 Goals)
Position :  Left and Right-Winger, Height : 183 cm
Major Club : PSV, Chelsea
World Cup Participation  : 2006, 2010, 2014 (15 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time Dutch League
2 Times English Premier League, 1 Time FA Cup
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 2 Times English League Cup
6 Times Bundesliga, 4 Times DFB-Pokal 
2013 UEFA Champion League , 2 Times Runner-Up (2010, 2012)
International Honours : 2010 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
2014 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement :   2005 Bravo Award
2010 German Footballer of The Year
2013 -2014 Bronze Ball UEFA Best Player in Europe 
2014 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball
                                                    2014 Dutch Sportsman of the Year

Arjen Robben is the greatest Dutch winger of all-time and is regarded as one of the most talent wingers in the World in the modern era. However, his career was periodically effected by injury and has never finished with a complete season of domestic league. He primarily played as left-winger in the beginning period of career. Robben finally reached his prime with Bayern Munich becoming a prolific scorer and unstoppable in the right side on the field. He was most successful in international football in both club and national team. Robben possesses an extremely acceleration combined with technical qualification and ability to use both feet. His style of play always get inside to shot in long-distance as a right-winger, is always very dangerous to opponents. During his time in premier league, he won PFA Team of The Year once time. According to media rating in domestic competition, he is rated in World-Class twice seasons and International-Class three seasons. He finished in top ten in Ballon'Dor once time in 2013.

13. Zoltan Czibor

Date Of Birth  :  23 August 1929
Nation :  Hungary, Caps :  43 Games (17 Goals)
Height  : 169 cm, Position :  Left-Wing-Forward
Major Club : Barcelona
World Cup Participation : 1954 (5 Games)
Club Honours : 3 Times Hungarian League
2 Times Spanish La Liga
1960 Inter Cities Fair Cup
1961 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  :  1952 Olympic Games Champion
1953 Central European Champion
1954 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1954 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team        

Zoltan Czibor was the greatest left-winger in the World in the mid-1950s, was one of the great players in “The Magical Magyars” Hungary golden team, rated as Hungary’s best winger ever, played as a left-winger and was notable for having a powerful shot, world class finishing and resulted in scoring 1 goal per game ratio in 1955 and 1956 and know for his unpredictable and superb dribbling. He was also known for his ability to score goals in major finals. During his playing career in Hungarian club football, Czibor scored 100 goals in 175 matches. Afterwards, He played for Barcelona in their great years for three seasons and this induced him stop to play for Hungary just at 27 years old with disappearances in two seasons due to injury. Aside from Barcelona, He played outside his country for six teams such as AS Roma, Espanyol and Austria Vienna.

12. Kurt Hamrin

Date Of Birth  :  19 November 1934
Nation :  Sweden, Caps  : 32 Games (17 Goals)
Height  : 170 cm, Position  : Right-Wing-Forward
Major Club   :   Fiorentina
Professional Score Record  : 249 Goals/ 472 Games
World Cup Participation : 1954 (6 Games with 4 Goals)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Italian Series A, 2 Times Copa Italia
2 Times UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1961, 1968)
International Honours  : 1958 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1955 Swedish League Top Scorer
1958 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team   
1961 Cup Winners Cup Top Scorer  
Fiorentina All-Time Top Scorer

Kurt Hamrin is considered as the best winger in history of Scandinavian football, is one of the great Swedish footballers of all-time but was overshadowed by the famous trio like Nordahl, Liedholm and Gren. He was a right-winger who liked to induce the ball into the inside forward area and make scores on his own. He was best known for his elegant ambidextrous dribbling, deadly finishing, light and fast, is the great opportunist and  had a great vision and imagination. Hamrin is currently the sixth highest goalscorer of all-time in Italy's Serie A, playing 289 Serie A games and scoring 150 goals. Also, Hamrin played for Padova, AC Milan and Napoli for a few seasons a club. Hamrin . In 1958, He was voted 4th European Footballer of The Year. In 1967, He was selected as a starter FIFA World XI against Champion of Europe “Spain”.

11. Tom Finney

Date Of Birth  :  5 April 1922
Nation  : England, Caps : 76 Games (30 Goals)
Position :  Right and Left-Wing-Forward
Height  : 172  cm, Major Club  :  Preston North End
Professional Score Record  : 210 goals/ 473 Games
World Cup Participation : 1950, 1954, 1958 (8 Games)
Club Honours  :  None
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement : 
2 Times FWA Footballer of The Year (1954, 1957)

Tom Finney is one of the most talent English footballers ever, was a notable English football in the post-war era. His total mastery of all the techniques triumphed over the lack of medals. He was versatile, playing in all the orthodox five forward positions of the day for Preston and appearing for England at right-wing, left-wing and centre-forward. He was a genuine two-footed player, packing an explosive shot in either his right or his left. He had speed, balance, was a pin-point passer and, for a man of no great height, could head with awesome power. Whilst Finney's ability was great many will remember him for his gentlemanly conduct on the game which ensured he never received a booking throughout his entire career. There were two seasons he played in second division. Finney is the best player ever who never won any trophy in the whole career,closest at twice times second place English Top Division and once time FA Cup runner-up.

10. Julinho

Date Of Birth  :  29 July 1929
Nation  : Brazil, Caps  : 31 Games (7 Goals)
Height : 180 cm, Position :  Right-Winger
Major Club  : Palmeiras, Fiorentina
World Cup Participation  :  1954, 1958 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Campeonato Paulista
1957 European Cup Runner-Up 
International Honours  : 1953 Copa America Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1953 Copa America Best XI
Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame     

Julinho Botelho was the best winger in the World during the mid-1950s. He was not only a superbly skillful winger but also full of aggressive and shot power. His performance for Brazil national team was rather shot due to play outside country, led him as one of the most underrated player in history of Brazil football. He played the first World Cup in 1954 and was praised by media as one of the best performers in the tournament and had he chose to go to WC 1958 instead of staying with Fiorentina, He was the first choice winger instead of Garrincha but he spent most of his time in Italy and did not play the qualifiers. In club level, Julinho was the only Brazil star during 1950s to play in Europe, was able to show his prime and finally was voted as the best player in the history of Fiorentina in 1996. In 1961, he was selected in Wold Soccer Magazine Team XI.

9. Pavel Nedved

Date Of Birth : 30 August 1972, Height  : 177 cm
Nation : Czech Republic, Caps : 91 Games (18 Goals)
Position : Left-Side Midfielder, Major Club  :  Lazio, Juventus
World Cup Participation :  2006 (3 Games/1 Assist)
Club Honours : 4 Times Italian Series A
1999 Cup Winners Cup, 2 Times Copa Italia
2003 UEFA Champion League Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1996 UEFA Euro Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  6 Times Czech Player of The Year
2003 Czech Player of Decade, Czech Athlete of The Year
2003 Italian Series A Footballer of The Year
2003 UEFA Champion League Best Midfielder
2003 Ballon'Dor - World Soccer Player of The Year
2004 UEFA Euro Best XI

"The Czech Canon" Pavel Nedved is the greatest Czech Republic footballer of all-time. His impressive performance in EURO 96 led him about the offering from Lazio. Nedved occasionally played as left-winger and sometimes as central midfielder there. He was known for his energy, tireless running as well as his goal scoring ability from the long-range. Moreover, He was also very good in dribbling and playmaking abilities. Nedved helped Lazio won their second Italian League trophy in their history. His prime was reached after he was signed to Juventus. Particularly, He was rated by kicker as the best player in the 2000 UEFA Euro group stage. He could be considered in three world-class domestic seasons according to media rating. Nedved was chosen as a starter in All-Time Lazio XI by many journalists in www.channel4.comNedved is named in ESM team of the month 14 times and team of the year twice times. Nedved was named in UEFA Team of the year three times  He was also voted in 4th placee FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004.

8. Francisco Gento

Date Of Birth  :  21 October 1933
Nation : Spain, Caps  :  43 Games (5 Goals)
Height :  178 cm, Position :  Left-Winger
Major Club  : Real Madrid
World Cup Participation : 1962, 1966 (5 Games)
Club Honours : 12 Times Spanish La Liga
2 Times Spanish Cup
6 Times European Cup (1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 66)
2 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1962, 1964)
1960 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours : 2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :  Voetbal World Team of The Century

The Strom of Cantabria” Francisco Gento is the most club decorated footballer of all-time, is the best left-winger in the World between the late 1950s to early 1960s, is the most successful footballer in club level hold the all-time record the most champions of Spanish La Liga with 12 and the most European Cup Winners with 6, additionally holds with Maldini the record most appearances in European Cup final with 8. Gento was noted not only for having great speed. He used to be an athlete in his youth and could run 100 metres in 11 seconds flat and was almost as quick with a ball at his feet, but also for his skills with the ball and his relatively high scoring capabilities given his position. In 1963, He was selected as a start FIFA World XI against England. Gento totally played for Real Madrid 605 games and scored 183 goals. He was one of the best players in Europe in the 1959 -1960 season and finished his best place in Ballon'Dor in 1959 at 8th place. According to Ballon'Dor ranking, he is the greatest European winger four times.

7. Jairzinho

Date Of Birth  :  25 December 1944
Nation  :   Brazil, Position  :  Right Wing-Forward
Height   :  173 cm, Major Club   :   Botafogo
Caps   :   81 Games (33 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 197 Goals/ 441 Games
World Cup Participation : 70,74 (16 Games/9 Goals/3 Assists)
Club Honours     :   2 Times Campeonato Carioca
1976 Copa Libertadores Cup
International Honours  :  1970 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement  : Brazil Footballer Museum Hall Of Fame
2 Times Campeonato Carioca Best  Player (1967, 1968)
2 Times Brazil League Player of The Year (1964, 1966)
1970 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
1972 Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year
FIFA World Cup Most Consecutive Games Scorer 

Jairzinho was the best player in South Americas in the late 1960s and is considered by many as the greatest player in the 1970 World Cup, He was the best right-winger in the World between late 60s and the early 70s. A powerful high speed winger, During World Cup 1970, He scored in every six game Brazil played and this is the record most consecutive games scorer in history of World Cup. He became one of only 3 players - the others being Alcides Ghiggia and Just Fontaine - in the history of the World Cup to have scored in every game of the tournament. Jairzinho was a worthy successor to Garrincha for both the Botafogo and Brazil team although his style was not elegant but full of his devastating bursts of speed combined with lethal shooting and also superb passing. He never complained and performed his duties impeccably. His scintillating pace turned defenses inside out, exposing the opponent’s goalkeepers. Jairzinho primarily played as a second striker in his club career and always switched to right-winger role under Brazilian shirt. Jairzinho also finished 8th South American Footballer of The Year in 1971 and 1973.

6. Luis Figo

Date Of Birth  :  4 November 1972, Height  : 180 cm
Nation  :   Portugal, Caps  :  127 Games (32 Goals)
Position  :  Right-Winger, Major Club :  Barcelona, Real Madrid
World Cup Participation : 2002,2006 (10 Games/No Goal/4 Assist)
Club Honours : 4 Times Spanish La Liga, 2 Times Copa Del Rey
4 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia, 1997 Cup Winners’ Cup
2002 UEFA Champion League, 2002 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1994 Portuguese Golden Ball
6 Times Portuguese Footballer of The Year
3 Times Liga Foreign Player of The Year (1999,2000,2001)
2 Times UEFA Euro Team of Tournament (2000, 2004)
2000 Ballon'Dor - World Soccer Player of The Year
2001 FIFA World Player of The Year, 2000 Silver Ball
2006 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team

Luis Figo is the greatest winger in the World in the last three decades. He was a playmaking right-winger who was average in speed but remarkable in dribbling, ability to make pinpoint passing and his imagination to create assists. Figo started his famous with playing in Portugal “Golden Generation Team”, was notable for their beautiful style of play in midfield. Figo also was one of the most important roles helping Portugal reached semi-final round in EURO 2000 and FIFA World Cup 2006. Figo is one of the few footballers to have played for both the Spanish rival clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. He also played for Sporting Lisbon in his early career and Inter Milan in Late career. He played almost 800 games during his club professional career and scored more than 100 goals. In 1999, He also finished 5th place in Ballon'DorAccording to Ballon'Dor ranking, he is the greatest European winger three times

5. Dragan Dzajic

Date Of Birth  :  30 May 1946, Height  :  177 cm
Nation  : Yugoslavia, Caps  :  85 Games (23 Goals)
Position  : Left-Winger, Major Club : Red Star Belgrade
Professional Score Record  : 323 Goals/ 671 Games
World Cup Participation : 1974 (5 Games/1 Goal/3 Assists)
Club Honours  :   5 Times Yugoslavian League
4 Times Yugoslavian Cup, 1968 Mitropa Cup
International Honours  : 1968 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :1968 European Championship Top Scorer
1968 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year
1969 The Best Athletic of Yugoslavia
1968 UEFA Euro Best Player, 1976 Best XI
IFFHS Yugoslavia Player of The Century
UEFA Jubilee Award (Serbia & Montenegro)
Red Star Belgrade Greatest Player Ever / All-Time Top Scorer, UEFA Euro All-Time Best XI

Dragan Dzajic is one of the most underrated footballers ever to play the game despite being one of the greatest left-wingers the world has ever produced. Dzajic is also the best player ever to come from Yugoslavia group of nations, is renown as one of the greatest crossers of all-time, unstoppable dribbling with great pace, natural technique and some of the best left footed free kicks ever. His most famous match was likely the 1968 UEFA Euro semifinal against England, in which his lob over goalkeeper Gordon Banks gave Yugoslavia a 1-0 victory against the defending world champion. The British press dubbed him "The Magic Dragan," In that year, Beckenbauer mentioned Dzajic should win Ballon’ Dor instead of George Best without doubt.  Pelé was moved to say: "Džajić is the Balkan miracle – a real wizard. I'm just sorry he's not Brazilian because I've never seen such a natural footballer." Dzajic is regarded by many as one of the greatest players in history of European Championship competition.

4. Stanley Matthews

Date Of Birth  :  1 February 1915
Nation     :   England
Position   :   Right-Winger
Height  :  175 cm
Major Club  :   Stoke City, Blackpool
Caps   :   54 Games (11 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1950, 1954 (3 Games)
Club Honours   :   1 Time FA Cup
International Honours   :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1956 European Footballer Of The Year
2 Times FWA Footballer Of The Year (1948, 1963)
1965 Knight Of Bachelor
1992 FIFA Gold Medal Order

“The Magician” or “The Wizard of The Dribble” Sir Stanley Matthews is one of the great legends in history of British football. He is the only player to have been knighted while still playing, as well as being the first winner of both the European Footballer of the Year and the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year awards. A vegetarian teetotaller, he kept fit enough to play at the top level until he was 50 years old, the oldest player ever to play in England's top football division. He played his final competitive game in 1970, at the age of 55, holds the record longest span career in history of football wtih almost 33 years The Second World War interrupted his career. After the war, he fell out with Stoke and was transferred to Blackpool at the age of 32. He was famous as one of the most skillful dribblers and one of the most accurate crossers ever. Matthews was a right-side midfielder who assisted many goals after done his great speed, stamina and dribble. He was voted 11th and 17th World player of the century by IFFHS and World Soccer’s poll, respectively. 

3. Ronaldinho

Date Of Birth  :  21 March 1980
Nation  :   Brazil
Position :  Free-Role Side Attacker
Height  : 182 cm
Major Club   :  Barcelona
Caps   : 88 Games (32 Goals/23 Assists)
World Cup Participation : 02,06 (10 Games/2 Goals/4 Assists)
Club Honours  : 3 Times Brazil State Championship
2 Times Spanish La Liga
2006 UEFA Champion League
International Honours    :   1999 Copa America Winner
2002 FIFA World Cup Champion
2005 FIFA Confederation Cup

           Individual Achievement

1999 FIFA Confederation Cup Golden Ball
2002 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team
2004 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year
2 Times Best Foreign Player of Spanish La Liga (2004, 2006)
2005 UEFA Club Best Forward
2005 European Footballer of The Year
2 Times FIFA World Player of The Year (2004, 2005)
2 Times World Soccer Player of The Year (2004, 2005)
2006 UEFA Champion League Most Valuable Player
2012 Brazilian League Footballer of The Year
2013 South American Footballer of The Year
FIFA Confederation Cup Greatest Player Ever
Brazil Football Museum Hall Of Fame

Ronaldinho is widely regarded as one of the most gifted footballers of all-time. He was famous for his exciting technical abilities especially dribbling, agility and making score. Ronaldinho was known as a versatile attacker but he always base on the left-side of the field as a midfielder. He started his career with Gremio before moved to Europe to play for Paris Saint-Germain. After his impressive performance in the 2002 World Cup as the fifth best player of th etiurnament, He was wanted by many big club in Europe. Ronaldinho decided to join with Barcelona and he finally became the best player in the world during the middle of the 2000s, won so many individual awards in that time, was expected to become a top world-legend in the future. On the other hand, His legend status such incredibly failed down that becoming an average international footballer because of his unprofessional attitude as athletic. He also finished 5th place in the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year. As a free-kick specialist, he scored about 54 FK goals in his overall career. He is named in ESM team of the month 20 times and team of the year three time. Ronaldinho was named in UEFA Team of the year and FIFPro World XI three times

2. George Best

Date Of Birth  :  22 May 1946
Nation     :   Northern Ireland
Position   :   Left-Winger
Height   175 cm
Major Club  :   Manchester United
Caps   :   37 Games (9 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours   :   2 Times English Top Division
1968 Euroopean Cup Winner
International Honours   :   None

          Individual Achievement

UEFA Jubilee Award (Northern Ireland)
1968 European Footballer Of The Year
1968 FWA Footballer Of The Year
1968 English Top Division Top Scorer
1971 Bronze Ball European Footballer Of The Year
1999 IFFHS Northern Ireland Player of The Century
Manchester United Greatest Player Ever
English Top League Greatest Player Ever
PFA Special Merit Award
BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement

“Soccer Beatle” George Best is one of the most talent footballers of all-time. If consider only his prime, he would be the greatest player in history of British football without any hesitation but he was known for his unprofessional behavior as an alcoholism effected his career not consistency. George Best was a left-winger who was tremendously skilled an innovative footballer. Unsurpassed on dribble and penetration, would often pass off the score after rather than take the goal himself. He was one of few players with virtually ambidextrous ball control with both feet. Best scored 185 goals in 465 matched for Manchester United. In his native Northern Ireland the admiration for him is summed up by the local saying: "Maradona good; Pelé better; George Best. He was one of the world legends never participated in World Cup. He finished second place BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1971 and third place i 1969. According to Ballon'Dor ranking, he is the greatest European winger three timesHe was voted 8th,12th and 16th World player of the century by World Soccer, France Football and IFFHS’s poll, respectively.

1. Garrincha

Date Of Birth  :  28 October 1933
Nation   :  Brazil
Position  :   Right-Winger
Height    :  169 cm
Major Club  :   Botafogo
Caps  :   50 Games (12 Goals/13 Assists)
Professional Score Record  : 239 Goals/ 616 Games
World Cup Participation : 58,62,66 (12 Games/5 Goals/4 Assists)
Club Honours   :   3 Times Campeonato Carioca
2 Times Brazil National Championship
2 Times Rio Sau-Paolo Tournament
1963 Paris Intercontinental Tournament 
International Honours :
2 Times FIFA World Cup Champions (1958, 1962)

Individual Achievement

3 Times Campeonato Carioca Best Player
1962 Brazil National Championship Best Player
1962 FIFA World Cup Best Player - Golden Shoe
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
Brazil Footballer Museum Hall Of Fame

“The Little Bird” Garrincha is regarded as the greatest winger and dribbler the World has ever seen. Many eminent football historians in Brazil and around the world refer to him being at least the equal of Pelé, is rated by many as the second greatest Brazil national team footballer of all-time. He grew up in poverty with high right leg 6 cm shorter than the left. Rather than shying away from soccer after a childhood illness left his right leg bowing inward while the left bowed outward, he developed a devastating body swerve that mocked his body’s special anatomy. He was known for his remarkable ball control, imagination, acceleration, crossing, dribbling skills and ability to create something from nothing, He also possessed a ferocious shot with either foot and was a gifted dead ball specialist known for free kicks and corners taken with the outside of his foot, Garrincha’s best career highlight was happened in World Cup 1962, is regarded as one of the greatest individual performers in histroy of World Cup. For his all matches in World Cup, Brazil only lost one match with him on the pitch. He was voted 8th and 20th the greatest footballer of the century from IFFHS and World Soccer’s poll, respectively, was voted 6th the best player in world cup history by France Football.

Honourable Mention

Patrick Gallacher

Date Of Birth  :  16 March 1891
Position  :  Right-Wing-Forward
Nation  :   Northern Ireland
Height  :  162 cm
Major Club  :  Glasgow Celtic
Caps   :  13 Games    
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours    :  7 Times Scottish League
4 Times Scottish Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   None

"The Mighty Atom" Patsy Gallacher was considered to be one of the most talent players in the 1910s. In terms of his ability, Gallacher was a revelation. A genius. He was the most wonderful of dribblers and his audacious talent saw him tease and terrorize defenders. He was an entertainer but his cheeky skills also had an end product as time after time Gallacher would deliver a killer pass or hit home an unstoppable shot. He had tricks of manipulation all his own. His body swerve and ability to change pace, which never came from practice but obviously were natural gifts. Gallagher is a Glasgow Celtic legend, played there for 15 seasons until 35 years old and scored more than 200 goals. He also appeared in Scottish League XI twice times.


By Nation

Brazil : 6
Argentina : 5
Yugoslavia : 5
Germany : 4
Spain : 3
Italy : 3
Holland : 3
England : 3
Northern Ireland : 2
Czechoslovakia : 2
Wales : 2
Scotland : 2
Sweden : 2
Belgium : 1
Poland : 1
Hungary : 1
France : 1
Portugal : 1
Peru : 1
Chile : 1

By Decade

1910s : 1
1920s : 3
1930s : 2.5
1940s : 1.5
1950s : 15
1960s : 8.5
1970s : 7
1980s : 3.5
1990s : 2
2000s : 4
2010s : 3

By Position

Side-Midfielder : 4
Winger : 28
Wing-Forward : 14
Free-Role Attacker : 4


Class : Crown


Class : King







Class : Queen


George Best, Dragan Dzajic, Jairzinho, Stanley Matthews
Luis Figo, Francisco Gento, Ronaldinho, 


Tom Finney, Kurt Hamrin
Raimundo OrsiZoltan Czibor
Bernard Vukas, Zbigniew Boniek
 Pavel Nedved, Ryan Giggs, 
 Julinho,  Pepe, Omar Corbatta   
Carlos Peucelle
Jimmy Johnstone, Arjen Robben 
Piet Keizer, Franck Ribery, 

David Beckham,  Alan Morton,
Felix Loustau, Hans Schafer,
Amancio Amaro,  Grzegorz Lato
Rene Houseman, Antonin Puc
Eden Hazard, Dejan Savicevic Franco Causio, Bora Kostic, 
Karl Aage Praest, Billy Meredith
Giampiero Boniperti, Juan Joya, 
Jurgen GrabowskiHelmut Rahn,
Coen Moulijn, Bruno Conti
Milos Milutinovic, Pierre Littbarski,
Lennard Skoglund, Canhoteiro.
 Estanislao Basora, Gareth Bale

Class : Prince Gold
Substitution Group : First-Class

Oscar Mas         : Argentina/Mid 60s to Early 70s
David Silva         : Spain/2010s
Leonel Sanchez : Chile/1960s
Mario Corso       : Italy/Mid 60s to Early 70s
Luis Cubilla       : Uruguay/Mid 60s to Early 70s
Michel Gonzalez   : Spain/1980s
Jose Augusto   :   Portugal/60's
John Barnes     :   England/ 80's

Side Ranking

1. George Best
2. Ronaldinho
3. Dragan Dzajic
4. Francisco Gento
5.  Pavel Nedved  
6. Zoltan Czibor
7. Ryan Giggs
8. Franck Ribery
9.  Raimundo Orsi
10. Jose Macia Pepe

1. Garrincha
2. Stanley Matthews
3. Jairzinho
4. Luis Figo
5. Julinho
6. Tom Finney
7. Kurt Hamrin
8. Arjen Robben
9. Jimmy Johnstone
10. Omar Corbatta 


The Highest Offensive Lateral's Peaks of All-Time

1.   Garrincha
2.   Ronaldinho
3.   George Best
4.  Julinho
5.   Stanley Matthews
6.   Tom Finney
7.   Luis Figo
8     Dragan Dzajic
9.    Jairzinho
10.  Pavel Nedved


  1. Replies
    1. Zagallo was seen to be very effective in his role with his team work ability, close control and accurate crossing as a left-side midfielder. He was fortunately selected for both Brazil squad of championship due to preference of managers who dropped superstar like Cantoheiro and Pepe. In NT career, he is also named in Brazilian Football Hall of Fame. In only NT, Zagallo is undoubtedly superior to the two, less superior to Pepe who was even more capped.
      Zagallo’s club career is a big question when he was never chronologically selected in Placar Flamengo all-time XI. For Botafogo, he was selected in Placar’s first selection but then he was replaced by Amarildo. Reference :
      I rate Pepe and Canhoteiro ahead of Zagallo for their higher peak performance in large number of club games.

  2. George Best has to be in front of Ronaldinho according to the Evaluation Result.

  3. Enrique Hormazabal? He is one of the greatest winger in 50s

  4. Peucelle has to be Queen Silver class. Rahn and Basora have to be Queen Bronze class.

  5. In the Substitution Group you have to erase Robben and add Enrique García.

  6. I think Giggs was a better footbaler than Robben. And Djazic was a awesome player but no so good to be in the 6º position. Figo, Gento, Boniek and Giggs were too much better than Djazic. My top 10:
    1. Garrincha
    2. Best
    3. Ronaldinho
    4. Mattheus
    5. Jairzinho
    6. Gento
    7. Giggs
    8. Figo
    9. Boniek
    10. Djazic

    1. Giggs is renown for his consistency and longevity as a excellent team work player, not impact the team as much as Dzajic and Robben made. He is also limited in opportunity in major international country tournament is one of the main disadvantage. I guess you put "Matthews" in 4th place not Matthaeus.

  7. Why did Bruno Conti and Michel placed so high? I think it is not realistic.

    1. Sorry for late reply. Michel was an effective useful side midfielder not skillful and spectacular one. He is very productive and even performed as a cross-functional role well thanks to his defensive quality.

      When look at the name behind Bruno Conti, they are rather inconsistent and most of them are lack of international success.

  8. i'm missing ernst lehner, one of the best wingers in the 1930's dominant in the world cup 1934

    1. He is already named in top 100 wingers in the 9x100 positional ranking list. Although articles described as a advanced skillful players and his name is honored as the home stadium of Augburg. He is also the most capped players in Breslau XI. Honesty, it is too difficult to rate him in top 50 since he participated in Gauliga Bayern (First tier of regional liga) with Augsburg just five seasons during his capped years due to the club's relegation and spending in the second tier.

  9. Hazard?!? Is or not an offensive lateral?
    In which year Cristiano Ronaldo became a forward???

    1. Hazard has not collected great seasons enough as there are many seasons left. Please study definition of each position. Forward list includes side-forward position belonged to C.Ronaldo also. His main approach is to score and not remarkable enough in creativity and he is clearly not a midfielder (offensive lateral required some midfielder status).

  10. Have you checked Gareth Bale's status after this season? He is surely qualified for the list.

    1. Sure but the result is not what I have expected since he has not collected enough due to his injury. He is now closed to top 50 and will be qualified when the next half of season will have finished if there is nothing wrong.

    2. Bale is loosing a lot of time because of injuries and C.Ronaldo's longevity in Madrid... because definitely he has or maybe had the potential to reach top 15...

  11. Para muitas pessoas daquela época Garrincha foi melhor que Pelé!
    Não no quesito títulos. Mas porque Garrincha era imprevisível, impossível de ser parado.
    Em 1958 e 1962 ele foi o principal criador de jogadas do Brasil.

    Em 1958 ele era reserva, mas os próprios companheiros pediram que o escalassem no time titular.
    Em 1962 Pelé estava machucado, e Garrincha mais uma vez foi o principal jogador do Brasil.

    Garrincha chegou a jogar por 4 anos sem receber o devido salário e necessitando urgentemente de uma cirurgia no joelho.

    Isso mesmo. Ele era o melhor jogador do mundo machucado e sem receber seus pagamentos.

    Infelizmente não é reconhecido como deveria. Ele não possui um museu particular, não recebeu premiações nem enquanto vivo, nem póstumas, e seus descendentes estão na pobreza.

    Recentemente seus restos mortais foram roubados do túmulo.

    Um triste e ingrato fim para aquele que foi um dos maiores jogadores de todos os tempos.

  12. Bale is more a Right-Wing Forward in my opinion

    1. I think Naratorn will update it :). Right-Wing oriented for sure.

  13. What about Fredrik Ljunberg, Mac Manaman, close to be in the 9x100 list ?

    1. Not close and lack of 2 international seasons at least.

  14. Michel, former Real Madrid, is a true midfielder, and Ronaldinho, like Savicevic and Boniperti, they were attacking midfielder or second strikers, the same for Boniek

    1. Michel played in both position. Let me watch more games to identify his role properly. Boniek will be moved to attacking midfielder position for sure as I watched he is always at central area. Savicevic, Ronaldinho and Boniperti often operate the game in the wings.

  15. Could G.Best be classified as Left-Wing forward ? What about his defensive workrate ?

    1. George Best does not specialize in positional off the ball and shooting skill. He even played in free-role position with N.Ireland. In overall, He is best at pure winger.

    2. And what about his defensive work rate ? Was he working to take the ball back ?

  16. What about florent malouda ?

  17. May D.Silva get a better ranking after this season ?

  18. Instead of ranking players for which I imagine we don't have nearly any materials except reputation. In this list I think about Puc, Morton, Meredith, Peucelle, orsi ...
    Wouldn't it be better to mention them outside of the ranking and put players for which we have enough materials : Corso, Michel, D. Silva...

  19. I will use this thread to give my opinion about ability rankings :
    First Bale is only 9 at speed while he is one of the fastest player ever ?

    So what is speed for you ?
    Maybe speed should be divided in explosion power and top speed.
    Once again even if he needs more space Bale is explosive

    1. My speed definition includes both acceleration and top speed and I agree I underrate Gareth Bale. He really dominates in speed.

  20. Saw you upgraded bale to 9.4.
    When you put 9.5 to Garrincha is it 9.5 in the context he was playing (relative to players he was facing ) ?
    Why I say that, because I have seen a few world cup games of him and videos of his best moments. If he seems to have a great acceleration/explosion power I am not sure it's better than players we see today and his top speed doesn't seems so amazing because I could see him caught and forced to dribble several times.
    In such siutation Bale or Robben would be able to go alone using speed.
    - Bale 9.4 has for sure a greater top speed than Garrincha and explosion power/acceleration is also probably better even if he needs more spaces.
    - Robben 9.4 has for sure a greatest top speed than Garrincha and this time for acceleration/explosion power he can do it in short spaces.

    From my point of view wit the metrics systems
    10 - 15 m : explosion power/acceleration (with the ball) : Garrincha ~= Robben > Bale
    15 - 25 m : Acceleration + speed (with or without the ball) : Robben ~= Bale > Garrincha
    25 - 40 m : Acceleration + top speed (with or without the ball): Bale ~= Robben >> Garrincha
    40 m and more without the ball (nearly neved used in football) : top speed : Bale > Robben >>> Garrincha

    So if you do a mix of acceleration and speed, in my opinion, either bale or robben 9.4 is not enough or Garrincha 9.5 is too much.

    Always a pleasure :)

    1. You have made very great point. I give more weight of acceleration than top speed as football is mainly played with limited space. Even so, I agree that Garrincha is a bit overrated.

  21. Does Hazard deserve a slight boost after his World Cup 2018 performance? Latest club season wasn't his best though.

  22. Hi everyone! I think Marc Overmars should deserve a spot in the list. If he hadn't suffered from a persistent knee injury he would be regarded as one of the greatest wingers of all time.

    1. Overmars is superbly fast and is very great dribbler but he is too limited in his creativity and team work, is more a wing-forward but not score much enough as well.

  23. Shouldn't D.Silva replace Milutinovic if we trust 9x100 list ?

    1. By the way even if he plays both on the side and as a playmaker, I think his qualities suit better playmaker role even if it mayb easier to be in the offensive lateral top. Have you ranked him in the total skill page ? If yes, from how much does he miss ?

    2. David Silva is definitely categorized in offensive lateral list. I haven't apply scoring system in top 50 for him yet. Now Milutinovic is preferable for higher peak. Note that 9x100 list does not apply conditional margin score. Anyway David Silva is likely to achieve top 50 in the near future. I'll be reviewing David Silva the end of this year again.

  24. In the 9x100 list have you evaluated vladimir jugovic ?

    1. Yes, his rating in series A is rather low and far insufficient.