The Greatest Offensive Tri-O of All-Time

The Offensive Tri-O is the compatible three attacking players comprises midfielder and forward that is the main pillar of the team in offensive game and rest of attackers in the first eleven had a minor role. All three players should be either of the same nation or the same group of culture but this rule is excepted in case of Boniperti-Sivori-Charles as it is one of the most famous Tri-O the World has ever seen. Ranking is assessed base on level of performance and longevity. The Tri-O that played together in both club and NT is preferable in rating.

10. Gre-No-Li

Position :  Liedholm (AM), Gren (SS), Nordahl (STK)
Team : AC Milan (4 Seasons : 1 Time Series A, 1 Time Latin Cup)
Sweden    (1948 Olympic Games Gold Medalist)

9. Brehme-Matthaeus-Klinsmann

Position : Brehme (SM), Matthaeus (CM), Klinsmann (STK)
Team :  Inter Milan (3 Seasons : 1 Time UEFA Cup)
Germany (3 Tournaments : 1990 FIFA World Cup Champion)

8. Boniperti-Sivori-Charles

Position :  Boniperti (WG), Sivori (SS), Charles (STK)
Team : AC Milan (4 Seasons : 3 Times Series A)

7. Souness-Dalglish-Rush

Position : Souness (DM), Dalglish (SS), Rush (STK)
Team : Liverpool (4 seasons : 3 Times English League, 2 Times European Cup, 1984 European Double Champion)

6. L.Andrade-Scarone-Petrone

Position : L.Andrade (DM), Scarone (SS), Petrone (STK)
Team : Uruguay (4 Tournaments : 1923, 1924 South American Championship Winners
1924, 1928 Olympic Games Gold Medalist)

5. Vieira-Pires-Henry

Position : Vieira (DM), Pires (WG), Henry (FW)
Team : Arsenal (4 Seasons : 2 Times Premier League, 3 Times FA Cup)
France (3 Tournaments : 2000 UEFA Euro Champion)

4. Didi-Garrincha-Pele

Position : Didi (CM), Garrincha (WG), Pele (FW)
Team :  Brazil (2 Tournaments : 1958 and 1962 FIFA World Cup Champions)

3. Charlton-Best-Law

Position : Charlton (AM), Best (WG), Law (STK)
Team :  Man Utd (7 Tournaments : 2 Times English League, 1968 European Cup)

2. Rijkaard-Gullit-Van Basten

Position : Rijkaard (DM), Gullit (AM), Van Basten (STK)
Team :  AC Milan (4.5 Seasons : 2 Times Series A, 1988 and 1989 European Cup)
Netherlands (3 Tournaments : 1988 UEFA Euro Champion)

1. Xavi-Iniesta-Messi

Position : Xavi (CM), Iniesta (AM), Messi (FW)
Team :  Barcelona (7 Seasons : 4 Times La Liga, 2 Times Copa Del Rey, 2009 and 2011 UEFA Champion League, 2009 European Triple Champions, 2011 European Double Champions )


  1. boniperti, sivori charles is juventus ;)

  2. and why is the arsenaltrio on 5? they were not that good^^

    1. because they're advantageous as the great Tri-O in both club and national team level.

  3. Kopa-Di Stéfano-Puskás and Moreno-Pedernera-Labruña are great Tri-O too.

    1. As I was not clear about definition on Offensive-Tri-O, I now would clarify that the three offensive players cooperate across midfield and forward line and those three players is much more outstanding than the rest of offensive players in the team. Gento is one of the indispensable players alongside Puskas-Kopa-Di Stefano and Loustau was also one of great players in “La Maquina”.

  4. I think the current FC Barcelona Neymar - Messi - Suárez trio is worthy of your list.

    1. By one season is true, this list is considered in all seasons combined.

  5. Please look this, Metin-Ali-Feyyaz was best combination in Turkish footbal history...

  6. I think Busquets should be instead of Messi in the Barcelona Trio. Without him they wouldnt have achieved what they did in the 2009-2011 period. The main focus in that Barcelona team was the midfield. I think the Messi-Suarez-Neymar Trio should be in this list as the main focus now is the attack.

    1. Busquests is a more defensive player than box-to-box midfielder so he is not categorized into a group of offensive Tri-O. Messi-Suarez-Neymar has played together in only 1.5 season so the amount of performance is not sufficient in all-time ranking.

  7. Zico, Junior and Leandro together for Flamengo dominated the Brazilian Football match between the 70 and 80 with an art football, being holders of the Brazilian and several records including defeating this trio of Liverpool with ease , but anyway great congratulations site one of the best I've seen with this type of content
    Zico , Junior e Leandro , juntos pelo Flamengo dominaram o Futebol Brasileiro entre a década de 70 e 80 com um futebol arte , sendo titulares da Seleção Brasileira e com vários recordes inclusive derrotando este trio do Liverpool com extrema facilidade mas de qualquer forma parabéns ótimo site um dos melhores que já vi com esse tipo de conteúdo

  8. Not the machine of River Plate? LABRUNA, PEDERNERA AND MORENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry for very late replying. There was Loustau as one of a great players in La Maquina so it should not be a Tri-O.

  9. i think xavi iniesta messi is better than rijkard guulit vanbasten,
    barca trio had more title than dutch doubt barca trio is the best ever for me.

    1. I agree. They have clearly a longer period of supreme teamwork level.

  10. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it.. Fame Project