The Greatest Offensive Midfielders of All-Time

Definition of offensive midfielder covers these position

1. Playmaker : Midfielders who were great as creator and passer but not proficient as support striker.
2. Attacking Midfielder : Advanced Midfielder, They were much greater in go attacking to support do scores than creator and passer.
3. Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder : The combination between the first and the second choices.
4. Free-Role/Semi-Side Midfielder : Midfielders who operate running the game in both central and either or both sides of midfield but mostly base on central area.

Most of whom have beautiful style of playing and being the most influence of team. The important skills of this position is consist of vision, passing, dribbling and even scoring. This kind of player was available in early decade known as “ Wing-Half ” or "Inside Forward".

50. Johnny Haynes

Date Of Birth  :  17 October 1934
Nation   :  England
Position  :   Attacking-Playmaking Midfielder
Height    :  176 cm
Major Club  :  Fulham
Caps   :   56 Games (18 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1954, 1958, 1962 (6 Games)
Club Honours  :   None
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  
1961 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year

Johnny Haynes is the legendary English footballer in the lately 1950s to the early 1960s alongside Billy Wright and Tom Finney, played a club-record 658 games and scored 158 goals for Fulham Football Club. An inside forward, Haynes is widely regarded as the greatest British footballer ever to play for the London club, particularly noted for his exceptional passing skill and ability to read a game. An accomplished international, he appeared in second division until 25 years old. Pelé described him as the "best passer of the ball I've ever seen". Haynes also finish 7th place Ballon'Dor in 1958. According to reader's poll, he is the best player in English top league twice between 1960 and 1962. In 2008, Fulham announced that fundraising had commenced, with the co-operation of a fan's group, to produce a lasting tribute to Haynes. A statue was commissioned and was unveiled at Craven Cottage.

49. Hristo Bonev

Date Of Birth  :  3 February 1947
Nation : Bulgaria, Caps : 96 Games (47 Goals)
Height  :  179 cm, Position :  Attacking Midfielder
Major Club  : Lokomotiv Plovdiv
World Cup Participation : 1970,74 (6 Games/2 Goals/3 Assists)
Professional Scores Record :  185 Goals/ 410 Games
Club Honours/International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  
3 Times Bulgarian Footballers of The Year (1969, 1972, 1973)
Bulgarian League Greatest Player Ever

Hristo Bonev is the greatest Bulgarian midfielder of all-time and is the greatest Eastern European footballer during the 1st half 1970s. Although he played for middle-level club in Bulgaria, Lokomotive Plovdiv almost entire career and never won any title as it was closest in 1973 the club finish second place in league in addition to runner-up in 1971 Bulgarian cup, he could establish himself as the greatest footballer in history of Bulgarian league. Bonev possesses all-round skills for offensive midfielder position, he was a prolific scorer in both club and national level in which he is a second all-time highest scorer of Bulgaria nation second to Berbatov who scores more than him only one goal. He was also known for his expertise in playmaking skill and his versatility to occasionally switch his position to left-wing area. He is a top scorer in the 1974 World Cup qualifying in UEFA zone. Bonev was nominated in Ballon'Dor four times all in the first half 1970s.

48. Larbi Benbarek

Date Of Birth  :  16 June 1914
Nation   :   France/ Morocco
Position    :  Attacking Midfielder
Height   :  178 cm
Major Club  :  Atletico Madrid
Caps   :   17 Games for France
World Cup Participation  :    None
Club Honours  :   2 Times Spanish La Liga
International Honours   :   None
Individual Achievement  :    FIFA Order of Merit
Atletico Madrid Greatest Player Ever

“The Black Pearl” or "The Foot of God" Larbi Benbarek is a forgotten first African legends who started playing football during the World War II, is regarded as one of the most talent players to born in the Africa. He had all the talents and gifts: touch of the ball, vision play, heading, dribbling, stature, and style. Pele made a famous statement about Larbi: "If I am the King of Soccer, then Larbi Ben Barek is the God of it". Ben Barek started well-known when he was hired to play football in France. Unfortunately, His career was interrupted by the onset of World War II. He came back to his best with Stade Français FC. He played for the only France national team. In Spain, with Atlético Madrid, where he truly blossomed and where his international fame spread. He sustain his high level performance until 41 years old before a retirement. 

47. Nicolae Dobrin

Date Of Birth  :  26 August 1947
Nation : Romania, Caps  : 48 Games
Position :  Playmaker
Height  : 180 cm, Major Club  : Arges Pitesti
World Cup Participation  :  1970 (No Game)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Romanian League
International Honours   :   None 
Individual Achievement  : 
3 Times Romanian Footballer of The Year (1966, 1967, 1971)
Romanian League Greatest Player Ever

"The Prince of Trivale" Nicolae Dobrin is considered by many to be the most skillful Romanian player ever and one of the most talented dribblers ever to play the game but his career was never proved in high standard of competition and never being nominated in Ballon'Dor even once time. He was included in the 1970 FIFA World Cup squad but not play in any game due to personal problem with his teammate. Dobrin was famously miss out on a transfer to Real Madrid. Because of the communist regime in Romania in that period, it was rejected as a result because Dobrin was regarded as a "national good" and such values could not be "estranged", especially not working for foreigners. It is said that this was the biggest regret of Dobrin's life. He also finished runner-up in Romanian footballer of the year twice times. Nicolae Dobrin Stadium in Piteşti is named after him.

46. Liam Brady

Date Of Birth  :  13 February 1956
Nation    :   Republic of Ireland
Position  :  Playmaker
Height    :  174 cm
Major Clu  :  Arsenal
Caps    :   72 Games (9 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours :  2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time FA Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  1979 PFA Players’ Player of The Year
IFFHS Republic of Ireland’s Player of The Century

‘Chippy’ Liam Brady is regarded by many as the best playmaker in history of Arsenal and Republic of Ireland. In his playing days, he was a midfielder renowned for his elegant technical skills, most notably his left foot “a most magical left peg” as they say in Britain. Brady had tremendous vision and exactness in his passing and more than enough dribbling ability to get free for his incisive strikes. During this time at Arsenal he was voted the club's player of the year three times. He is remembered as one of Arsenal's all-time greats, playing 307 matches for the Gunners and setting up many more. Brady achieved three world-class seasons in Series A by media rating. After the arrival of Michel Platini in summer 1982, Brady moved to Sampdoria, and went on to play for Inter Milan, before returning to London to play for West Ham. He was selected in PFA team of the year in 3 times. Brady finished in top ten Ballon'Dor three times in row between 1979 - 1981.

45. Ademir Da Guia

Date Of Birth  : 3 April 1942
Nation  :  Brazil, Caps  :  9 Games
Height  : 180 cm, Position :  Playmaker
Major Club :  Palmeiras
World Cup Participation  :   1974 (1 Game)
Club Honours  :   5 Times Brazil State Championship
1 Time Brazil National Championship
1968 Copa Libertadores Cup Runner-Up
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  Palmeiras Greatest Player Ever

Ademir da Guia is the greatest idol of history Palmeiras where he was holder absolute over sixteen years. Considered by critics as one of the most talent of Brazilian playmakers of all time, played by the class that inherited the surname of his father, Domingos da Guia, and is now called the "Divine". Ademir played in his peak career in the late 1960s lead Palmeiras to dominate Brazilian club football. He is also considered one of the most wronged ace in the history of Brazilian soccer, as throughout his long career, was convened only 14 times for the Select and disputed only one match at the World Cups, in 1974, when Brazil was already disqualified and was overlooked to include in the 1970 FIFA World Cup squad because Zagallo considered his style is incompatible to the team and is partially due to playing the same position as Rivelino. Ademir was a playmaking holding midfielder who mainly create the game in central midfield area with superb in short-passing and his dribbling and technical ability was among the top-class in the World. In 1972, He finished fifth place South American Footballer of The Year.

44. Cesar Cueto

Date Of Birth  :  6 June 1952
Nation :  Peru, Caps  :  54 Games
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  :  167 cm
Major Club  :  Alianza Lima, Atletico Nacional
World Cup Participation :1978,82 (9 Games/1 Goal/1 Assist)
Club Honours : 3 Times Peruvian League
International Honours :  1975 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement  : 1980 Peruvian Footballer Of The Year
2 Times Colombian League Footballer of The Year (1980, 1981)

“The Poet With The Golden Left Foot” Cesar Cueto is one of the most talent South American footballers during the 1970s, is one of the most underrated footballers ever as he never finish in any top five of South American footballer of the year despite his availability in all great skills for being playmaker and artist of the game, and the cause might be his low-profile achievement in club level. His only weakness is scoring ability. However, He was one of the most important players leading Peru winning Copa America and qualifying for two consecutive World Cup tournaments. Even Cubillas was a lot famous player due to doing a large number of scores in WC, It is actually Cueto who was the important key as creator and Peruvian consider Cueto wasn’t inferior to Cubillas in overall abilities. He was voted in Top Ten South American Footballer of The Year once time in 1978 at 10th. 

43. Glenn Hoddle

Date Of Birth  :  27 October 1957
Nation  : England, Caps :  53 Games
Height  : 183 cm, Position :  Playmaker
Major Club : Tottenham Hot Spurs
World Cup Participation : 1982, 1986 (7 Games/No Assist)
Club Honours : 1 Time French League
2 Times FA Cup, 1 Time French Cup, 1984 UEFA Cup     
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement : 1980 PFA Young Player of The Year
1988 French League Foreign Player of The Year

Glenn Hoddle is considered as one of the most gifted British footballers of all-time. A classic playmaker who sublime balance and close control, unrivalled passing and vision and extraordinary shooting ability, both from open play and set pieces". Though regarded as a genius with the ball at his feet, Hoddle was considered an enigmatic and unreliable player to international managers guilty of over- emphasizing hard work and physical prowess instead of technical ability and attacking creativity. Hoddle's talent is widely appreciated abroad; less so in England that was not rather popular due to his personality. But still, He became one of the top legends of Tottenham Hotspur club. He was selected in PFA team of the year 5 times. Hoddle was nominated in Ballon'Dor only once in 1987.

42. Jan Ceulemans

Date Of Birth :  28 February 1957
Nation : Belgium, Caps : 96 Games (23 Goals)
Height : 191 cm, Position :  Attacking Midfielder
Major Club :  Club Brugge
Professional Score Record  : 231 Goals/ 515 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1982, 1986, 1990 (16 Games)
Club Honours  : 4 Times Belgian League, 2 Times Belgian Cup
International Honours : 1980 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1980 UEFA Euro Best XI
3 Times Belgian Golden Shoe (1980,1985,1986)
1986 FIFA World Cup All Star Team
Club Brugge Greatest Player Ever

‘Captain Courageous’ Jan Ceulemans was a top-class attacking midfielder in Europe during the 1980s. He was not a creative playmaker specialist but was known for his ability to go support scoring by himself. Ceulemans was a workhorse and his tireless running in midfield combined with his long legs made him able to cover lots of ground. He could run fast with the ball at his feet and was good in the air as well. He was very skillful despite being tall and scored many goals after beating a man or two. Among one of Ceulemans' finest achievements was captaining his national side to fourth place in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, scoring three goals in the tournament. He also finished second place in Belgian Golden Shoe twice and Third plave once. Cuelemans finished best place in Ballon’Dor at 5th in 1980.  

41. Dragoslav Sekularac

Date Of Birth  :  30 November 1937
Nation : Yugoslavia, Caps : 41 Games    
Position :  Playmaker
Height  :  168 cm, Major Club   :  Redstar Belgrade    
World Cup Participation  :  1958, 1962 (9 Games)
Club Honours  :   5 Times Yugoslavian League
3 Times Yugoslavian Cup
International Honours  :  1956 Olympic Game Silver Medal
1960 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :  1960 UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament

"The Artist" or "The Romantic" Dragoslav Sekularac is one of the top legends of Redstar Belgrade, was famous as one of the biggest showmen and crowd draws to fulfill his superb dribbling ability. He was quick and crafty with the ball, displaying creative skills that turned a lot of heads, Possessing supreme self-confidence along with impeccable technical ability and tendency to prefer the nice action to the more effective one. Today he is remembered for elevating the game to more than just goal-scoring. For many defensive players who were trying to guard him he was unsolved mistery, mission impossible. With his brilliant dribbling and fantastic goals he often raised the fans on their feet. However, he disappeared a large part of seasons between 1962 and 1965 and played only 18 games in total. in domestic league in many seasons. His world-class performance in world cup 1962 help Yugoslavia to win fourth place and he was voted 4th in Ballon'Dor in that year and was also nominated in Ballon'Dor in 1960 and 1961.

40. Giancarlo Antognoni 

Date Of Birth : 1 April 1954
Nation  :  Italy
Position :  Playmaker
Height   :  179 cm
Major Club  :  Fiorentina
Caps   :   73 Games
World Cup Participation : 1978, 1982 (11 Games/2 Assists)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Copa Italia
International Honours  : 1982 FIFA World Cup Winner
Individual Achievement :  None

Giancarlo Antognoni is regarded as one of the great legends of Fiorentina club. He was a deep-lying playmaker with great quality in defensive quality. He was known for his stamina and precision passing. Antognoni was an important player helping Italy won fourth place in World Cup 1978 and European championship 1980. He was a starter of Italy in World Cup 1982 until getting the big injury in semi-final round and was unable to play in the final match. Later, That injury led him could not reach his prime any longer and retire for international level just at his age of 29 only. Antognoni could be considered in twice domestic world-class season according to media rating. He played for Fiorentina more than 400 games and was chosen by many journalists in in all-time Fiorentina XI as well as all-time Italy XI. He is totally nominated in Ballon'Dor three times.

39. Rui Costa

Date Of Birth  :  29 March 1972
Nation : Portugal, Caps : 94 Games (26 Goals)
Height : 180 cm, Position : Playmaker
Major Club  :  Fiorentina, AC Milan
World Cup Participation : 2002 (2 Games/1 Goal/1 Assist)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
1 Time Portuguese League, 3 Times Copa Italia
2003 UEFA Champion League
International Honours  :   2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1996 UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament 
2003 UEFA Champion League Top Assist

Rui Costa is regarded as the greatest playmaker to play for Fiorentina and Portugal national team. He was well-known for his extraordinary vision and short pass accuracy. He start his reputation with playing in the popularly Portugal golden generation team that won FIFA World youth champion three times. Despite the heavy competition with the best midfielders of Italian Series A in the late 2000s, most notable Zinedine Zidane, Rui Costa was rated the best playmaker in the league. His departure from Fiorentina came true after the club went bankrupt. Costa became Milan's most expensive transfer of all-time but his great time was available just for two seasons after Kaka came to the club and led him to the bench. Due to win a few trophy in club career, he was underrated and got just total five votes in 3 Ballon'Dor nomination. He could be considered in 2.5 world-class domestic season according to media rating. Rivaldo is named in ESM team of the month 6 times.

38. Safet Susic

Date Of Birth  :  13 April 1955
Nation : Yugoslavia, Caps : 54 Games (21 Goals)
Height :  181 cm, Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Major Club  :  FK Sarajevo, Paris Saint-Germain
World Cup Participation : 1982, 1990 (8 Games/1 Goal/2 Assists)
Club Honours :1 Time French League, 1 Time French Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement : 1979 Yugoslavian Footballer of The Year
1980 Yugoslavian League Top Scorer
1983 French League Foreign Player of The Year    
Paris Saint Germain Greatest Player Ever
UEFA Jubilee Award (Bosnia and Herzegovina)      

Safet Susic was the most prominent star of Yugoslavia during the early 1980s, is one of the most underrated midfielders of all-time. In his playing days, he operated as playmaking-attacking midfielder with superb passing ability and good record of scoring. Darko Pancev ever mentioned about him that He's unsurpassable, the best Yugoslavia had, probably one of the best in the world. I was often known to say that us other players should have to pay to play in the same team as Pape. At least I always talked and thought like that. Pape was a treasure for every forward. His crosses were unbelievable. Sometimes his ball would hit me without me even being aware of it ‘A wonderful player’. Gerd Muller gave his compliment to him as one of the top great players he has ever seen. Susic was nominated in Ballon'Dor twice in 1979 and 1983.

37. Helmut Haller

Date Of Birth  :  27 December 1939
Nation : Germany, Caps : 33 Games (13 Goals)
Height  : 176 cm, Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Major Club : Bologna, Juventus
World Cup Participation : 1962,1966,1970 (9 Games/ 6 Goals)
Club Honours:   3 Times Italian Series A
1973 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1966 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  : 1964 Italian Series A Footballer of The Year
Bologna Greatest Player Ever

Helmut Haller is one of a few German top-class players in their history to settle down playing in aboard, was noted for his exceptional technique and finesse, yet also for his weight problems, which troubled him throughout his career. He played in Bundesliga with Augsburg 8 seasons during his early and very lately career that was not his prime but he still won 5 International-Class from kicker ranking. He was very successful in his career with Bologna especially being very influence to lead Bologna win the series A title in 1964 in which he also finish second place in German footballer of the year. In 1966 FIFA World Cup, His performance with scores 6 goals in 5 games was rated by kicker as a world-class player. According to German footballer of the year voting, he was German midfielder of the year in four times. Haller was nominated in Ballon'Dor three times.

36. Gyorgy Orth

Date Of Birth  :  30 April 1901
Nation    :  Hungary
Position   :   Attacking Midfielder
Height   :   187 cm
Major Club   :   MTK Hungary
Caps  :   32 Games
Olympic Games Participation  :  1920, 1924
Club Honours  :   7 Times Hungarian League
2 Times Hungarian Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   3 Times Hungarian League Top Scorer

Gyorgi Orth was the greatest footballer in the World in the early 1920s, is one of the greatest all-round footballers in the pre-war era. He began his career since he was just 16 years old with MTK Hungary. His role was various as center-half position in the early career before switch to operate as inside-forward which is his best position. Orth won Hungarian league top scorer three times in row in the early 1920s. However, the majority of his games for Hungary national team was still performed as center-half. He confronted a big knee injury problem in his 25 years old and his performance had never been returned to the same level once again. During his peak career with MTK Hungary, he scored 138 goals in 167 domestic league games. Notwithstanding, he is regarded by some Hungarian expert as one of the greatest Hungarian footballers of all-time for his prime.

35. Andrea Pirlo

Date Of Birth  :  19 May 1979
Nation  :  Italy, Caps  : 112 Games
Position :  Playmaker
Height : 177 cm, Major Club  :  AC Milan
World Cup Participation : 2006,10, 14 (13 Games/3 Assists)
Club Honours : 5 Times Italian Series A, 2 Times Copa Italia
2 Times UEFA Champion League Winners (2003, 2007)
2005 UEFA Champion League Runner-Up
International Honours : 2006 FIFA World Cup Winner
2012 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 2006 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball
3 Times Italian Series A Footballer of The Year (2012,13,14)
2012 UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament

‘The Architect’ Andrea Pirlo is the best Italian offensive player during the second half 2000s and the first half 2010s,is praised for his inventive playing, he also owns one of the most accurate passing skill ever. is also a free-kick specialist. For both club and country Pirlo primarily played in central midfield area, as a deep-lying playmaker. He came in 3rd and 2nd in IFFHS World Playmaker of the Year awards in 2006 and 2007 respectively, is known for his long passes frequently set up goal-scoring opportunities for the Azzurri. When playing for Italy, Pirlo has returned to his old position as a traditional play-maker that he ever routinely plays when he was a player of Inter Milan. He is regarded by many as the second greatest player in the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. Guerin Sportivo rate the 2011 - 2012 as his best season with another world-class season in the 2003 - 2004. Pirlo finished top ten Ballon'Dor four times in 2005, 2007, 2012 and 2014.

34. Pedro Rocha

Date Of Birth  :  3 December 1942
Nation : Uruguay, Caps : 52 Games (17 goals)
Height : 181 cm, Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Major Club :  Penarol, Sao Paulo
World Cup Participation  :   1962, 1966, 1970, 1974 (11 Games)
Club Honours : 8 Times Uruguay Champions
1 Time Brazil National Championship
2 Times Brazil State Championship
3 Times Copa Libertadores Cup (1960, 1961, 1966)
International Honours  : 1967 Copa Amercia Winner
Individual Achievement  : 1 Time Brazil Championship Top Scorer
3 Times Uruguayan League Top Scorer
1967 Copa America Best Player
1974 Copa Libertadores Cup Top Scorer

Pedro Virgilio Rocha Franchetti is considered as one of the best Uruguayan midfielders of all-time, was the very successful players in all levels of participation especially is one of the best midfielders Copa Libertadores Cup history, was a free-roaming attacking player of skill able to score from anywhere including free kicks, also owned a high quality of passing and technique and impressive teamwork ability. Playing in golden era of Penarol club dominating South American football club in the 1960s, he is an organizer and creator to make so many assists to Alberto Spencer. Rocha always was greatly playing as second striker in three-quarter line, he was very successful in Brazilian National League. Additionally, He won the minds of Uruguayan for his first-class performance for Uruguay national team.

33. Bernd Schuster

Date Of Birth  :  22 December 1959
Nation  :  Germany, Caps  :  22 Games
Position :   Playmaker
Height :   183 cm, Major Club   :  Barcelona
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :    3 Times Spanish La Liga
5 Times Copa Del Rey
1982 European Cup Winners’ Cup
1986 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours   :  1980 European Championship Winner
Individual Achievement  :  1980 UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament
1980 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
2 Times Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year (1981, 1985)
2 Times La Liga  Foreign Player of The Year (1985, 1991)

Bernd Schuster is famous for his flair, great technique and vision, is believed as one of the best German playmakers of all-time if he didn’t face the two big problems. The first one is he received a bad injury on his right knee by Andoni Goikoetxea at the age of 21 only after he starts the 1981 - 1982 season superbly. He could came back to show his amazing performance but the fact that he never reached his prime any longer. The second reason is due to his repeated disagreements with the German Football Association to include player playing outside West Germany, then national team manager Jupp Derwall, and teammates including Paul Breitner. Schuster later moved to play both big clubs in Madrid. He was rated in Don Balon Spanish La Liga XI in three seasons in three different teams and was rated by El Mundo as the 1984 - 1985 La Liga Best Player. Then he back Germany to play for Leverkusen, was still ranked in international-class in 1993.


32. Ricardo Bochini

Date Of Birth  :  25 January 1954
Nation  :  Argentina, Caps   : 11 Games
Height  :  168 cm, Position :  Playmaker
Major Club  :  Independiente
World Cup Participation  : 1986 (1 Game)
Club Honours : 1 Time Argentina Champion
2 Times Torneo Nacional, 2 Times Torneo Metropolitano
4 Times Copa Libertadores Cup (1973, 1974, 1975, 1984)
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1973, 1984)
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement : 1983 Argentinean Footballer of The Year
1984 Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year

Ricardo Bochini is regarded as one of the most underrated South American footballers of all-time due to his few cap from playing the same position as Maradona. However, He was Maradona's idol and was noted for his superb passing abilities combined with excellent technique.  Bochini was devoted his whole career, and some might say whis whole live, to the club of his heart: Independiente. He stayed there for 19 years, scoring near a 100 goals, and winning so many titles and becoming a legend between the Independiente's supporters, who still see him as one of the greatest Argentinean of all times. Nowadays, whenever someone does a great, unbelievable pass a lot of Argentineans refer to them as a "bochinean pass"; imagine the excentricity of this player's lobs and passes. Bochini appeared in top 10 El Mundo South American Footballer of the Year in five times.

31. Jair Da Rosa

Date Of Birth  :  21 March 1921
Nation    :  Brazil
Position  :   Free-Role Attacker
Height   :   168 cm
Major Club   :  Vasco Da Gama, Palmeiras, Santos
Caps   :  39 Games (22 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1950 (5 Games with 2 Goals)
Club Honours  :   5 Times Brazil State Championship
International Honours   :  1949 Copa America Champion
1950 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1949 Copa America Top Scorer

Jair Rosa Pinto is one of the famous Brazilian attackers Trio in the 1950 FIFA World Cup. Jair is the Brazilian legends from the 1940s to early 1950s. He was a versatile attacker and mainly played as inside-forward but he ran to support the game in everywhere of attacking line and sometimes switch to be outside-forward in both side. Jair was a superb technical player, fast and very agile in movement. Jair reached his peak performance in club career with Flamengo and then continue it with Palmeiras in which is the longest period club he played and become one of the most iconic players in history of the club. In National team, he played in three South American Championship in total 15 games and scored 13 goals. However, Jair was not in his prime level of playing in the 1950 World Cup final and the team was finally beaten in the final match. 

30. Alain Giresse

Date Of Birth  :  2 August 1952
Nation  :  France, Caps :  47 Games (10 Assists)
Height    :  163 cm, Position : Playmaker
Major Club  : Bordeaux
World Cup Participation : 1982,86 (12 Games/3 Goals/3 Assists)
Club Honours  : 2 Times French League, 1 Time French Cup
International Honours   :  1984 European Championship Winner
1986 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  : Bordeaux All-Time Top Scorer
3 Times French Player of The Year (1982,1983,1987)
1982 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
1984 European Championship Best XI

Alain Giresse was one of the famous players of France national team during the early 1980s alongside Michel Platini, Luis Fernández and Jean Tigana formed the legendary (Magic Square) in midfield, got successful three consecutive major international tournaments during 1982 – 1986, was best performer of France in the 1982 World Cup, notably even playing better than Platini is partially supported by stats of chances creation to goals. Giresse was nominated in Ballon'Dor between 1982 - 1985 consecutively. He was one of the smallest footballer to ever appear in the Europe but this point led him to be advantage in agility and acceleration. Giresse was an intelligent playmaker combined with beautiful style of play, was most renowned for his top-class creative ability. Giresse produced a large number of scores in his club career, is also the 1983 UEFA Cup topscorer. He was also voted in top ten Ballon'Dor in 1984, was voted seventh place as the greatest French player of all-time by France Football.

29. Juan Roman Riquelme

Date Of Birth  :  24 June 1978, Height : 182 cm
Nation   :  Argentina, Caps : 54 Games (18 Goals)
Position : Playmaker, Major Club : Boca Junior, Villareal
World Cup Participation : 2006 (5 Games/4 Assists)
Club Honours : 3 Times Argentina Apertura, 1 Time Clausura
International Honours  : 2007 Copa America Runner-Up
2008 Olympic Game Gold Medal
Individual Achievement : Boca Juniors Greatest Player Ever
3 Times Argentinean League Footballer of The Year
2 Times Silver Ball South American Footballer of The Year (2000,2008)
2001 South American Footballer of The Year
2005 Spanish La Liga Foreign Footballer of The Year
2007 Copa Libertadores Cup Most Valuable Player

Juan Roman Riquelme is the most talented playmaker in the World during the 2000s. His main assets are passing skill and setting the tempo of play and being one of the best free-kick specialists in his time. After he won the best player in South America, He signed for Barcelona but his coming seems to be political signing for Luis Van Gaal and he was mostly dropped as a reserved player for matches. Consequently, he moved to Villareal and becoming the indispensable playmaker to lead them finished third place of Spanish league in 2005 and incredibly reached semi-final round in UEFA Champion League 2005 -2006 despite the first participation. He came back to play in his homeland again and became the most important player of Argentina national team in World Cup 2010 qualification until Maradona got to control and dropped him out of squad due to discontent. He was nominated in Ballon'Dor once time in 2005 and never finished in top ten FIFA World Player of the Year.


28. Nils Liedholm

Date Of Birth  :   8 October 1922
Nation  : Sweden, Caps : 21 Games (10 Goals)
Height  :   183 cm, Position : Playmaker
Major Club :  AC Milan
World Cup Participation  : 1958 (5 Games)
Club Honours :  2 Times Swedish League
4 Times Italian Series A
1958 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1948 Olympic Game Gold Medal
1958 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :   
Aftonbladet Greatest Swedish Player of The Century

"The Baron" Nils Liedholm was the greatest midfielder in Europe during the early 1950s. He first participated in Swish first league at his 24 years old and spent only 3 seasons before moved for AC Milan where he was famous for being part of Sweden's "Gre-No-Li" trio of attackers at A.C. Milan and Sweden. Famous for his accurate passing abilities, Liedholm was the creator of many of Gunnar Nordahl's goals. It took two years playing for Milan until Liedholm misplaced his first pass at the San Siro, the rarity prompting a five-minute ovation from the home crowd. Liedholm was also one of the first players to realize the importance of fitness to a good performance. Consequently, he put in many more hours of training than other players, saying himself that he did the 100 meters, 3000 meters, javelin, shot put and high jump twice a week. His club career would continue until he was almost 40. Liedholm scored the opening goal of the final round of World Cup 1958, which makes him the oldest player to score in a World Cup Final.

27. Kazimierz Deyna

Date Of Birth  :  23 October 1947
Nation  : Poland, Caps :  97 Games (41 Goals)
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  : 180 cm, Major Club : Legia Warzaw
World Cup Participation : 1974,78 (13 Games/4 Goals/No Assist)
Club Honours : 2 Times Polish League 1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  :  1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  : 2 Times Polish Player of The Year (73,74)
1974 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
1974 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year
Legia Warzaw Greatest Player Ever

Kazimierz Deyna is regarded by many Polish medias and analysts as greatest footballer ever of their country, was one of the best midfielders in Europe during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was one of the best marksmen in the history of world football, was a playmaker or support striker in three-quarter line, is famed for his finishing, vision and elegant way of playing. He had the ability to score from unusual positions, e.g. directly from a corner. Thanks to his skills, he was chosen several times the Football Player of the Year by Polish fans. In 1972 he was the Top Goalscorer of the Olympic Games, with a total of nine goals. He made a special highlight help Legia Warzaw to reach European Cup semi-finalist once time. He played for Manchester City in the lately career but often face the injuries problem. Deyna was voted sixth place Ballon'Dor in 1972 and 1973.

26. Socrates

Date Of Birth  :   19 February 1954
Nation   :  Brazil
Position  :  Playmaker
Height  :  193 cm        
Major Club  :   Corinthians
Caps   :  60 Games (22 Goals/13 Assists)
World Cup Participation : 1982,86 (10 Games/4 Goals/1 Assist)
Club Honours  :  3 Times Brazil State Champions
International Honours   :  1983 Copa America Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1983 South American Footballer of The Year
Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame

Socrates is considered as one of the most classic playmakers of all-time. He was an wonderful technical player, assister and team organizer, with great through passes and vision of the field. He was also a two-footed player and a prolific goal scorer. His ability to read the game was highly valued, and his signature move was the blind heel pass became famous worldwide. He was able to play the ball wherever and whenever he wanted. These rare skills combined with he was a medical student more than justified him being nicknamed the Doctor. He debut for Brazil at age of 25 years old and was not picked for the 1978 FIFA World Cup due to personal preference of Brazil coach Countinho. Because he never finished top three in Brazilian national league with any club, he incredibly never participated in Copa Libertadores Cup and also played in second division in 1979. He always got injury combined with his unprofessional behavior as a drinker and smoker led his career profile is very inconsistency. 

25. Kaka

Date Of Birth  :  22 April 1982, Height :  186 cm
Nation :  Brazil, Caps :  87 Games (29 Goals/17 Assists)
Position :  Attacking Midfielder, Major Club  :   AC Milan
World Cup Participation : 2002,06,10 (10 Games/1 Goal/4 Assists)
Club Honours :  1 Time Italian Series A
2007 UEFA Champion League Winner, 2005 Runner-Up
International Honours  :   2 Times FIFA Confederation Cup (2005, 2009)
Individual Achievement  : 2002 Brazilian League Footballer of The Year
3 Times Series A Foreign Footballer of the Year (2004, 2006, 2007)
2 Times Series A Footballer of the Year (2004, 2007)
2005  UEFA Champions League Best Midfielder
2007 UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, Top Scorer, Best Forward
2007 Ballon’Dor, FIFA and World Soccer Player of The Year
2007 IFFHS World‘s Best Playmaker, IAAF Latin Sportsman of the Year
2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball

Kaka is the greatest Brazilian footballer and World’s best playmaker in the late 2000s. He is known for his peaceful characteristic. Kaka was extraordinary in speed and technique and performed as advanced playmaking role, producing many goals. His outstanding performance for Sao Paulo and Brazil U-20 led him signing for AC Milan. Kaka didn’t disappoint his club within six seasons and become the greatest foreigner in Series A during the mid-2000s. 2007 was his best year that he won so many individual awards. Kaka is currently playing for Real Madrid “The Galacticos III” but injury much impact his performance until he is not able to a regular starter of the club. For Brazil national team, he always perform in the level of superstar. Kaka was named in UEFA Team of the year and FIFPro World XI three times. He could be considered in 2.75 wold-class domestic season according to media rating. Kaka was also voted in 4th place FIFA World Player of the Year twice times in 2008 and 2009.

24. Zbigniew Boniek

Date Of Birth  :  3 March 1956, Height  :  181 cm
Nation  :  Poland, Caps  :   80 Games (24 Goals)
Position  :  Attacking Midfielder  
Major Club :  Widzew Lodj, Juventus
World Cup Participation : 78,82,86 (16 Games/6 Goals/3 Assists)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A, 2 Times Copa Italia
1984 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1985 European Cup
International Honours  : 1982 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Polish Player of The Year (78,82) 
1982 Polish Sport Personality of The Year
1982 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
1982 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year
1999 IFFHS Poland Player of The Century

“Zibi” Zbigniew Boniek was a symbolic Eastern European footballer during the 1980s. Arguably his best performance of his career for Poland came in the 1982 World Cup in a second phase match against Belgium where he scored a magnificent hat-trick, one of the best hat-tricks in World Cup history. He was finally voted in 4th place player of the tournament. Boniek start playing as a right-winger before switched to a free-role attacking midfielder, could go running on the left, right side or the centre and his best performance would be appeared as a winger. His speed, dribble and vision to make many assists were always impressive. He was notable playing as an attacking trio with Michel Platini and Paulo Rossi in Juventus in their successful years. In the 1985 - 1986 season, he was rated by Guerin Sportivo as the greatest Foreign player. In addition to 1982, Boniek also finished 9th, 11th and 6th in 1979, 1981 and 1985 Ballon'Dor respectively.


23. Wolfgang Overath

Date Of Birth : 14 September 1944
Nation : Germany, Caps : 81 Games (17 Goals)
Position :  Left-Playmaker
Height : 176 cm, Major Club  :  FC Koln
World Cup Participation : 66, 70,74 (19 Games/3 Assists)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Bundesliga, 1 Time DFB-Pokal
International Honours  :  1966 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
1970 FIFA World Cup Third Place
1974 FIFA World Cup Winner
Individual Achievement  : 1974 FIFA World Cup All Star Team  
FC Cologne Greatest Player Ever

Wolfgang Overath is the most underrated German footballer of all-time in spite of being the greatest German playmaker ever. He holds the all-time record most appearances for FC Koln with 765 games and scored 287 goals. Kicker rated him in 4 world-class seasons and 9 seasons of international-class. Overath is one of the few players with World Cup medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. He was known for his passing and organizing ability, especially with his left foot. In World Cup 1970, Many foreign journalists voted him Germany's best player and reached the highest place (5th) in Ballon'Dor in that year. Overath was also very famous for his winning-mental and always was able to perform an aggressive playing combined with technical option to help West Germany got back to win after being led scores. Overath was named in Bundesliga team of the season three times. According to German footballer of the year voting, he finished third place twice and was German midfielder of the year for three times. He finished best place in Ballon D'or at fifth in 1970.


22. Gunther Netzer

Date Of Birth : 14 September 1944
Nation : Germany, Caps : 37 Games
Height : 178 cm, Position : Playmaker
Major Club : Borussia Munchengladbach
World Cup Participation : 1974 (1 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Bundesliga Champion
2 Times Spanish La Liga, 2 Times Copa Del Rey
1 Time Swiss Super League, 1 Time DFB-Pokal
International Honours  : 1972 European Championship
1974 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achievement  :  1992 All-Time Europe XI
2 Times German Footballer of The Year (1972, 1973)
1972 European Championship Team of The Tournament
1972 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
Borussia MunchenGladbach Greatest Player Ever

"Karajan Of European football" Gunther Netzer was considered to be one of the greatest passers in the game's history. Kicker rate him in 2 World-Class seasons and 6 seasons of International-Class during his career with Munchengladbach. He missed the 1970 World Cup due to injury. The fact that he several times could not play for West Germany well under pressure situation although his abilities had never been doubted, was only a reserved player in the 1974 World Cup. Netzer was the iconic playmaker and is considered one of the most talented midfielders of all times, gaining a lot of attention with his long passes and pushes from deep within his own half of the pitch. Apart from his superior ball skills, his natural authority made him the undisputed leader of his team. His highlight in international club consists of UEFA runner-up with Gladbach and European Cup semi-finalist with Real Madrid. According to German footballer of the year voting, he was German midfielder of the year for three times. He was named in Bundesliga team of the season seven times. Netzer also finished 4th Ballon'Dor in 1971.

21. Valentino Mazzola

Date Of Birth  :   26 January 1919
Nation  :  Italy, Caps : 12 Games
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  : 177 cm, Major Club : Torino
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours : 5 Times Italian Series A
2 Times Copa Italia
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  :   1947 Italian Series A Top Scorer
Torino Greatest Player Ever

Valentino Mazzola was the greatest footballer in the World during the late 1940s in the starting period of post-war era and is one of the most completed midfielders of all-time. He captain of the legendary Grande Torino side killed in the Superga air disaster at the age of 30 year olds. An inspirational character, he was also gifted with great skills and a scoring ability could tackle, defend and lead his teammates to victory with his charismatic presence. Mazzola senior was a robust figure as the game in the immediate years around World War II required. He scored 118 Series A goals in 195 games for Torino. One of the most prominent games in his NT career is the match against Switzerland in 1945 that he assists all four goals Italy made. He shared his view of the game before the disaster “I consider football to be a very simple game. You will win as long as you don’t always play in the same way. You have got to add some variations to make your game more dynamic. There has to be room for improvisation outside of classical tactics. But I am of the opinion that modern football must be above all a team game."

20. Antonio Sastre

Date Of Birth  :  27 April 1911
Nation : Argentina, Caps : 34 Games
Height  :  176 cm, Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Major Club  :  Independiante, Sao Paulo
World Cup Participation  :    None
Club Honours : 2 Times Argentina Champions
2 Times Brazilian League
International Honours  : 2 Times Copa America Winners
Individual Achievement  :  AFA Hall of Fame
Premier Konex Diploma of Merit
Sao Paulo Greatest Player Ever 

Antonio Sastre is one of the most complete South American footballers of all-time. He was the greatest playmaker in the pre-war era. He was notable as the inventor of playmaking style of play and his skills was imitated by many Argentinian legends later. Sastre was an all-round midfielder that he could play well in everywhere in this line with his intelligent. He played as wing-half, inside-forward and outside forward during his career. He didn't have an opportunity to play in World Cup as Argentina did not enter in 1938 tournament. Sastre is one of the great offensive Tri-O of Independiente alongside De La Mata and Erico.  After he did his great performance in Argentina, Then he moved to play in Brazil with Sao Paulo and he still did impressive quality of his game until the old fans of the club in nowadays still remember him as one of the best legends of their club. Cesar Menotti said Sastre is the best player he has seen in his whole life. Sastre is one of the five Argentine footballers to get Diploma of Merit. 

19. Juan Alberto Schiaffino

Date Of Birth  :  28 July 1925
Nation  : Uruguay, Caps  : 21 Games (8 Goals)
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  :  175 cm, Major Club : Penarol, AC Milan
World Cup Participation : 1950, 1954 (9 Games/5 Goals)
Professional Score Record : 155 Goals/ 437 Games
Club Honours : 4 Times Uruguay League, 3 Times Italian Series A
1958 European Cup Runner-Up, 1961 Inter-Cities Fair Cup
International Honours : 1950 FIFA World Cup Champion
Individual Achieveme.nt : 1945 Uruguay League Top Scorer
1950 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
Penarol Greatest Player Ever
IFFHS Uruguay Best Player of The Century

Juan Schiaffino is widely regarded as the greatest Uruguayan footballer of all-time. He was an inside-left who is more proficient as a creator and assister than a scorer. Schiaffino was one of the best inside-forwards of the 1st half 1950s. He broke into the Peñarol youth team as a 17 year old and a year later was a first-teamer. At 19, he was a member of Uruguay's South American championship squad. In the 1950 World Cup he was the second highest goalscorer with five goals, including an equalizer against Brazil in the final, which set Uruguay on the road to victory. Four years later, an injury to Schiaffino in the semifinal saw the South Americans defeated and finished in fourth place. AC Milan paid a world record for Schiaffino shortly after the 1954 World Cup and could reach peak of career there. He was capped only 60 percent of total available official international matches during his span of caps and never participated in South American Championship.

18. Gheorghe Hagi

Date Of Birth  :  5 February 1965
Nation : Romania, Caps : 125 Games (35 Goals)
Height : 174 cm, Position : Free-Role Playmaker
Major Club  :  Steaua Bucharest, Galatasalaay
World Cup Participation: 1990,94,98 (12 Games/4 Assists)
Club Honours  :  3 Romanian League, 3 Romanian Cup
4 Turkish League, 2 Turkish Cup
1989 European Cup Runner-Up, 2000 UEFA Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement  :  2 Times Romania League Top Scorer
6 Times Romanian Footballer of The Year
1994 FIFA World Cup All Star Team
Romania All-Time Top Scorer
IFFHS Romania Greatest Player Ever
UEFA Jubilee Award (Romania)

“The Maradona of Carpathians” Gheorghe Hagi is the greatest Romanian footballer of all-time. A semi-side playmaker, He had excellent technique and vision, his passing abilities was unparalleled, and his shots often found the goal as witnessed by his long-range goal against Colombia in the 1994 World Cup. His dribbling ability was also formidable. Hagi was the heart of Romania in their best era, qualified for 3 consecutive World Cup final tournaments and he made incredible 18 consecutive years of caps. He met the most successful period with Steua Bucharest, was a prolific scorer and helped the team to be unbeaten in Romanian Divizia A consecutive 3 seasons and reached a European Cup finalist. He then failed to success his career in Spain with Real Madrid. Hagi returned to be an important role with Brescia and Galataslaay. He also won second place Romanian footballer of the year 6 times. In 1994, he finished 4th place in Ballon'Dor and FIFA World Player of the Year.

17. Enzo Francescoli

Date Of Birth : 12 November 1961
Nation : Uruguay, Caps : 73 Games (17 Goals)
Position   :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height : 181 cm, Major Club  :  River Plate
Professional Score Record  :  227 Goals/ 572 Games
World Cup Participation : 1986, 1990 (8 Games/No Assist)
Club Honours : 3 Times Argentina Champion
1 Time French League, 1996 Copa Libertadores Cup
International Honours : 3 Times Copa America Winners(1983,1987,1995)
Individual Achievement :1990 French League Foreign Player of The Year
2 Times Argentina League Footballer of The Year (1984, 1995)
2 Times Argentinian League Top Scorer (Half 1984, 1986, Half 1984)
2 Times Copa America Best Player (1983, 1995)
2 Times South American Footballer of The Year (1984,1995)
2 Times Silver Ball South American Footballer of The Year (1985,1996)

“The Prince of Uruguay” Enzo Francescoli is one of the greatest Uruguyan footballers of all-time, holds the record most Copa America champions with three. He was noted for his graceful, fluid abilities on the ball and ability to score. These qualities would later influence the style of French midfielder Zinedine Zidane, who has stated that Francescoli was his favorite player as a young boy. He is known as one of the top legends in history of River Plate club. But still, Francescoli had a problem like many South American footballers about adaptation to play in Europe especially in Italian Series A. He played for Cagliari and Torino in total 4 seasons and done his performance just less than his potential. Francescoli was a prolific scorer as midfielder, often switched to play as second striker. He holds the record all-time top scorer-foreigner of River Plate.

16. Adolfo Pedernera

Date Of Birth  :  18 November 1918
Nation : Argentina, Caps : 21 Games (7 Goals)
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking midfielder
Height : 180 cm, Major Club   :  River Plate
World Cup Participation :  None
Professional Score Record : 167 Goals/ 415 Games
Club Honours : 5 Times Argentina League
4 Times Colombia League, 1953 Colombia Cup
International Honours :  2 Times Copa America Winners (1941,1945)
1942 Copa America Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1946 Copa America Best Player

“The Master” Adolfo Pedernera is considered as one of the greatest legends in history of Argentinean Football, is one of the greatest creators ever. He was set as center forward for “La Maquina” in the basic formation. To support “Total Football’ style of play, he always moved down to operate creativity in the midfield area and was known for his expertise in short-passing to create a large number of assists. Then, he went forward to make score by his own. His style of play is regarded as the similar style and level of Alfredo Di Stefano. Pedernera is one of the most sustainable domestic players ever with full appearances of 19 consecutive seasons. He debut professional career at just 16 year olds. Later then, He joined with Milonarios after spending 13 seasons with River Plate. The press of Bogotá received Pedernera well and commented after his great performance in the first match that "He was a phenomenon, an artist, a master of passing, and a show of intelligence. After the debut of El Maestro, everything is possible." Pedernera won triple champion with Millonarios in 1953 as his final season at 35 years old. However, He won only 40 % of total available official international matches during the span of caps partly due to rotating strategy 


15. Teofilo Cubillas

Date Of Birth : 8 March 1949, Height :  173 cm
Nation : Peru, Caps : 81 Games (26 Goals)
Position : Attacking Midfielder, Major Club : Alianza Lima, FC Porto
Professional Score Record  : 312 Goals/ 533 Games
World Cup Participation : 1970,78,82 (13 Games/10 Goals/2 Assists)
Professional Score Record : 302 Goals/ 512 Games
Club Honours : 2 Times Peruvian League
1 Time USA Soccer League, 1 Time Swiss League Cup
International Honours  :  1975 Copa America Winners
Individual Achievement  :   2 Times Peruvian League Top Scorer
1970 FIFA World Cup Best Young Player
1972 Copa Libertadores Cup Top Scorer
1972 South American Footballer of The Year
1975 Copa America Best Player, 1978 FIFA World Cup All Stars Team
1981 NASL All-Time All Stars Team
Peru All-Time Top Scorer, IFFHS Peru Player of The Century
                                                      Alianza Lima All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
                                                      Peruvian League Greatest Player Ever

“The Kid” Teofilo Cubillas was an attacking midfielder of excellent technical ability, powerful shot and great dribbling, he was also known as a free kick specialist. He was a prolific goalscorer, his 10 World Cup goals place him in seventh place in the ranking of the World Cup all-time scorers, and are the most by any midfielder in the World Cup. He is the all-time leading scorer for his country. Cubillas mainly played in Peruvian and Portuguese league in club level. Internationally, Cubillas was so famous in World Cup tournament, Led Peru reached quarter-final round in 1970 and 1978 those are the best achievement in their history. Although Peru was incredibly disqualified for the 1974 World Cup, Cubillas returned to win best player of the 1975 Copa America Tournament. Cubillas also finished in top five South American Footballer of the year in 1971 and 1978. He was voted the 48th best footballer in the world and 17th South American footballer of the 20th century in a poll by the IFFHS. In 2008, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Brazilian World Cup victory, he was selected in the All-Star First Team of South America of the past 50 years.

14. Sandro Mazzola

Date Of Birth  :   8 November 1942
Nation : Italy, Caps  : 70 Games (22 Goals)
Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  : 179 cm, Major Club  :  Inter Milan
World Cup Participation : 1966,70,74 (12 Games/No Assist)
Club Honours   :   4 Times Italian Series A
2 Times European Cup Winners (1964, 1965)
2 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1967, 1972)
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1964, 1965)
International Honours : 1968 European Championship
1970 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  : 1964 European Cup Top Scorer
1965 Italian Series A Top Scorer, 1968 UEFA Euro Best XI
1971 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year       

Sandro Mazzola is one of the most renowned Italian football players of 1960s. He is the son of Valentino Mazzola, played for the Inter Milan team known as La Grande Inter. He was an inside right with superb goalscoring instincts. He was also blessed with superb creativity helped by his passing range and close control. He also often played as a creative attacking midfielder and did impressive quality in defensive game. His biggest achievement came in 1968 when Italy won Euro 1968. Mazzola was overshadowed by Gianni Rivera in his time but he was still chosen to play for Italy more games than Rivera. Mazzola was indispensable player of Inter Milan in their glory years during the middle 1960s. He eventually became the legend of the club after 17 seasons there. S.Mazzola is also a top scorer in the 1966 World Cup qualifying round in UEFA zone.

13. Andres Iniesta

Date Of Birth  :  11 May 1984
Nation  : Spain, Caps : 117 Games
Height : 170 cm, Position  :  Left-Playmaker
Major Club  :  Barcelona
World Cup Participation  : 2006,10, 14 (10 Games)
Club Honours : 8 Times Spanish La Liga, 5 Time Copa Del Rey
4 Times UEFA Champion League (2006, 2009, 2011, 2015)
2 Times FIFA Club World Cup (2009, 2011)
International Honours  : 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion
2 Times European Championship Winners (2008, 2012)
Individual Achievement  :  2009 Spanish Footballer of The Year
2 Times UEFA Euro Bext XI (2008, 2012), 2012 Best Player
2010 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team
2010 Silver Ball, 2012 Bronze Ball FIFA Ballon’Dor
2011 - 2012 UEFA Best Player In Europe

"The Illusionist" Andreas Iniesta is one of the most team decorated footballers of all-time and is one of the best midfielders in the World between the late 2000s to early 2010s, is one of a prominent members of Barcelona and national team in their glory years. Iniesta is a productive player from Barcelona Youth team. He is a remarkably intelligent midfielder with a valuable set of dribble and inventive skill combine with physical balance, agile ability and work ethic. Although he scored average number of goals in overall career, he is best remembered as the winning scorer in the 2010 FIFA World Cup final match. He is also a versatile player, originally started as defensive midfielder, is sometimes switched to play as left-winger if essential. Iniesta was rated by kicker as the best layer of the 2010 World Cup tournament and the man of the match in the 2015 UEFA Champion Leageu final match,  is also voted 4th place in the 2009 Ballon'Dor and the 2011 UEFA Best Player In Europe Award and is consecutively selected four times in UEFA and five times FIFPro XI. He also finished 6th in the 2014 FIFA Ballon'Dor.


12. Luis Suarez Miramontes

Date Of Birth  :   2 May 1935
Nation   :  Spain, Caps  :  32 Games (14 Goals)
Height :  175 cm, Position   :  Playmaker
Major Club   :  Barcelona, Inter Milan
World Cup Participation  :    1962, 1966 (4 Games)
Club Honours  :   3 Times Italian Series A
 2 Times Spanish League, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
2 Times European Cup Winners (1964, 1965)
1967 European Cup Runner-Up
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1964, 1965)
International Honours   :  1964 European Championship Winner
Individual Achievement  :   1960 European Footballer of The Year
2 Times Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year (1961, 1964)
1964 European Championship Team of The Tournament
1965 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year

"The Architect" Luis Suarez Miramontes is regarded as the greatest Spanish footballer of all-time and was the best European midfielder in the early 1960s, is one of the best players in history of European club, is one of the best passers ever. He was one of the great organizing of the modern era. Not content to direct from a distance, he help modernized the forward-looking more free-ranging creative midfielder and known as his elegant movement. Suárez first played as an inside left for Barcelona. He was also noted for his perceptive passing and explosive shot and in 1960 he became the only Spanish-born player to date to be won Ballon d’or although got the lowest percent of votes in history of the awards. In 1961 Suárez became the world's most expensive footballer when Barcelona sold him to Inter Milan where he was an equally prominent member of the legendary Great Inter side of the 1960s as a deep-lying playmaker. He retired as a player after the last three seasons at Sampdoria.

11. Michael Laudrup

Date Of Birth : 15 June 1964
Nation : Denmark,Caps : 104 Games (37 Goals)
Position : Playmaker
Height : 178 cm, Major Club: Juventus, Barcelona
World Cup Participation : 1986, 1998 (9 Games/3 Assists)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
5 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Spanish Cup
1 Time Dutch Champion, 1 Time Dutch Cup
1985 Intercontinental Cup, 1992 European Cup Winner
International Honors : 1995 FIFA Confederation Cup
Individual Achievement :  UEFA Jubilee Award (Denmark)
2 Times Danish Player of The Year (1982,1985)
1992 Spanish La Liga Best Player
1999 IFFHS Denmark Player of The Century
Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football the last 25 years (1974-1999)
Danish Footballer Hall Of Fame, Order of The Dannebrog

Michael Laudrup is the greatest Scandinavian footballer of all-time, and is one of the best players to have never won BallonD'or. A play-making midfielder, He was known as one of the most effective passers, as well as one of the most skillful and elegant players in history of the game and is still popular amongt fans. Laudrup was considered by many as one of the most technically accomplished players ever, only lamenting his lack of selfishness causing him to score too few goals. He plays like a dream, a magic illusion, determined to show his new team his extreme abilities. However, he could not reach his highest potential and failed to reach international-class for many seasons in Italian Series A. He reached his prime in Spanish La Liga in the early 1990s. Michael did not play in the victory champion Denmark team in Euro 92 due to political differences with Richard Møller Nielsen. He finished 4th and 5th place in 1985 and 1993 Ballon'Dor, respectively and was also voted in top ten World Soccer Player of the Year three times in 1986, 1989 and 1993.

10. Rivellino

Date Of Birth  :   1 January 1946
Nation  :  Brazil, Caps : 92 Games (26 Goals/14 Assists)
Position :  Playmaker/Left-Midfielder
Height  : 173 cm      
Major Club  :   Corinthians, Fluminese
Professional Score Record  : 194 Goals/ 629 Games
World Cup Participation : 70,74,78 (15 Games/6 Goals/4 Assists)
Club Honours  :  2 Times Brazil State Championship
International Honours  :  1970 FIFA World Cup Winners
1978 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :    
1977 Silver Ball South American Footballer of The Year
2 Times Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year(1973,1976)
Corinthians Greatest Player Ever, Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame

"Kinglet Park" Rivelino is widely regarded as one of the most graceful footballers ever, was the greatest South American footballer in the first half 1970s and also one of the most underrated players in football history as the greatest player who never won South American footballer of the year in the era of awards existence.. He was famous for his extremely potent left-foot shot, thunderous long-range free kicks, excellent long passes, quick thinking, distinct way of handling the ball and large moustache. He invented a football move called the "Elastico", also known as "flip flap", famously copied by Ronaldinho and C.Ronaldo in recent years. Rivelino played for Corinthians during the most troubled periods in the history of the club, didn’t win any domestic trophy. He later move on Fluminense and finally won state trophies. Rivelino never participated in Copa Liberatadores cup. He was a key player for Brazil to reach semi-final in World Cup twice times during the 1970s. Aside from the year he was named in top three South American footballer of the year, he was also named in top ten three times. He is selected in FIFA All-Time South America team of the Century in 1998.

9. Raymond Kopa

Date Of Birth : 13 October 1931, Height : 169 cm
Nation : France, Position : RightAttacking Midfielder          
Major Club  : Stade Reims, Real Madrid
Caps  :  45 Games (18 Goals/20 Assists)
World Cup Participation  : 1954, 1958 (8 Games)
Club Honours :  4 Times French League, 2 Times Spanish La Liga
1956 European Cup Runner-Up
3 Times European Cup Winners (1957, 1958, 1959)
International Honours   :  1958 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  1954 FIFA World Cup Best Young Player
2 Times Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year (1956, 1957)
1958 FIFA World Cup All-Stars, European Footballer of The Year
1959 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
Bronze Ball French Player of The Century, Legion De Honours
FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Assister, Most Assists In a World Cup

Raymond Kopa is the great legendary French football who is regarded as the finest playmaker in the World during the second half 1950s and is the most successful international footballers ever. Kopa was the progeny of a Polish immigrant family. He was a free-role playmaker who ran to many areas in attacking line, quick, agile and excellent in dribble combined with playmaking abilities. He played as attacking midfielder for Stade Reims in his early career during its glory years. After he with the club lost Real Madrid in European Cup final 1956, He was signed to the Santiago Bernabeu, played for them for three seasons primarily as right-winger and fortunately won European Cup all seasons. Kopa was an important key player as attacking midfielder to lead France finish third place in World Cup 1958 with his many assists to Just Fontaine who overshadowed him by scoring so many goals. Kopa return to play for Stade Reims in eight seasons. Kopa holds the record all-time most assister in a single World Cup tournament with 9. 

8. Ruud Gullit

Date Of Birth : 1 September 1962, Height  :   186 cm
Nation : Holland, Caps  :  66 Games (17 Goals)
Position  :  Attacking Midfielder , Major Club  :  AC Milan
Professional Score Record  : 219 Goals/ 542 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1990 (4 Games/1 Goal/No Assist)
Club Honours :   3 Times Dutch Champions, 1 Time Dutch Cup
3 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia        
2 Times European Cup Winners (1989, 1990), 1993 Runner-Up
International Honours   :  1988 European Championship Winner
Individual Achievement :  1986 Dutch Golden Shoe Winner
2 Times Dutch Footballer of The Year (1984,1986)
1987 Dutch Sportman of The Year, European Footballer of The Year
2 Times UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament (1988, 1992)
1988 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year
2 Times World Soccer Player of The Year (1987, 1989)
1993 Bronze Ball World Soccer Player of The Year

'The Black Tulip" Ruud Gullit is one of the most completed footballers the World has ever seen, renowned as one of the trinities of AC Milan and Holland alongside Frank Rijkaard and Marco Van Basten. His primitive race was Suriname. Gullit epitomised the ethos of Total Football as he was naturally adept in almost every position. His foremost attribute was his athleticism, as he used his strength and speed to great effect, as well as being excellent in the air. Yet unusually for a man of his stature Gullit also possessed outstanding natural balance and poise that gave a graceful style to his game. Gullit thus combined technical ability with physical presence to become an iconic figure in world football. Gullit's brilliance prompted George Best to comment in 1990, "Ruud Gullit is a great player by any standards. He has all the skills. He's not afraid to do things with the ball. And he looks as if he's enjoying every second of it”. In an eye of media rating, Gullit's best season is by far the 1993 - 1994.

7. Zizinho

Date Of Birth : 14 September 1921
Nation :  Brazil, Caps : 53 Games (30 Goals/15 Assists)
Height : 172 cm , Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder       
Major Club : Flamengo
World Cup Participation : 1950 (4 Games/2 Goals/2 Assists)
Club Honours : 3 Times Brazil State Champions
International Honours  : 1949 Copa America Winners
4 Times Copa America Runner-Up (1945,1946,1953,1957)
1950 FIFA World Cup Winners
Individual Achievement  :   1950 FIFA World Cup Best Midfielder
1950 FIFA World Cup All Star Team
Copa America All-Time Top Scorer (17 Goals)
Copa America Greatest Player Ever
Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame

"Master Ziza" Zizinho was the greatest South American footballer in the late 1940s and is the most complete South American midfielder of all-time. He played as an inside-right but could operate his game in central midfield with his stamina to help defensive game and he was equally comfortable playing in the wing, is noted for his combination of shooting and passing ability and also a good crosser of the ball, fantastic dribbling skills and great pace. He mostly spent his career with Flamengo at his prime and moved to Bangu in his second part career and played in three Paulista second division seasons during the 1950s and was still capped until 1957. In overall club career, he scored 338 goals in 718 games. In the 1950 World Cup he came to international prominence and helped Brazil to progress to the final, but their surprise 2-1 defeat to Uruguay tarnished his reputation.  Pelé always said that Zizinho was the best player he ever saw. "He was a complete player. He played in midfield, in attack, he scored goals, he could mark, head and cross." Zizinho holds the record most appearances in history of South American Championship & Copa America with 28. He came in 4th place in the IFFHS Brazilian Player and 10th place South American player of the 20th Century.

6. Gianni Rivera

Date Of Birth  :   18 August 1943 
Nation :  Italy, Caps  :  60 Games (14 Goals) 
Height :  175 cm , Position :  Playmaker
Major Club   :   AC Milan
World Cup Participation :62,66,70,74 (9 Games/3 Goals/1 Assist)
Club Honours  :  3 Italian Series A, 4 Times Copa Italia
2 Times European Cup (1969, 1969)
2 Times European Cup Winners’ Cup (1968, 1973)
1969 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  1968 European Championship Winners
1970 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  : 1963 Silver Ball Ballon'Dor
1969 European Footballer of The year
1973 Italian Series A Top Scorer
1999 IFFHS Italy Player of The Century

“The Golden Boy of Italy” Gianni Rivera is considered as one of the greatest Italian footballers of all-time and is one of the greatest-youngest player ever. As one of the greatest creators ever, He was an advance creative midfielder with offensive ideas and statistics showed he is one of the most effective chances creation to the goalsin three consecutive World Cup, often at odds with the proponents of the classic Italian defensive schemes. Rivera had a classy elegant and aesthetic style, impeccable in the dribbling and distribution. His passing ability was very top-class of the world. Rivera could play well as both of deep-lying playmaker or free-role playmaker. His talent in the only season with his first team Alessandria led him to be transferred to Milan and become a starter of the team immediately at his only 18 year olds. He gradually proved himself until being a famous legend of the club after the consistency performance for two decades in Italian Series A. Unfortunately, he played in the same era as Sandro Mazzola and sharing of playing time led to the discontinuity and finally failed to became a legend in any major international tournament. Aside from 1963 and 1969, he was also voted in top ten Ballon D'or five times.

5. Bobby Charlton

Date Of Birth  :   11 October 1937
Nation  :  England
Position  :    Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height   :    173 cm       
Major Club    :   Manchester United
Caps   :  106 Games (49 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 277 Goals/ 834 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1958, 1962, 1966, 1970 (12 Games)
Club Honours    :    3 Times English Top Division
1 Time FA Cup, 1968 European Cup
International Honours  : 1966 FIFA World Cup Champion

          Individual Achievement

1966 FIFA World Cup Best Midfielder
1966 FWA Footballer of The Year
European Footballer of the Year : 1966 Gold, 1967 and 1968 Silver 
1974 PFA Merit Award
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
2007 PFA Team of The Century
1999 IFFHS England Player of The Century
Manchester United All-Time Top Scorer
BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement

Bobby Charlton is the greatest English footballer of all-time and was the greatest midfielders in the World during the mid-1960s. Although his talent was not among the best ever , his consistency in effectiveness through his career is marked as an spiritual athleticism. Charlton was one of a few survivors from Munich Disaster and incredibly recovered his condition in a short time, was named as a runner-up in BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1958 and 1959. He was a speedy withdrawn attacking midfielder with excellent close control and he combined those attributes as a devastating dribbler in the open field and was known for his uncompromising attitude. He packed considerable power with either foot and use it to score many spectacular goals and even had a high quality in defensive game. Charlton also finished fifth place Ballon'Dor in 1965 and finished 10th, 12th and 14th place in IFFHS, World Soccer and UEFA Jubilee poll, respectively.

4. Zinedine Zidane

Date Of Birth  :   23 June 1972
Nation    :  France
Position   :   Playmaker
Height   :    185 cm       
Major Club   :   Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid
Caps    :   108 Games (31 Goals/23 Assists)
World Cup Participation : 98,02,06 (12 Games/5 Goals/2 Assists)
Club Honours    :   2 Times Italian Series A
1 Time Spanish La Liga
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1996, 2002)
2 Times UEFA Champion League Runner-Up (1997, 1998)
2002 UEFA Champion League
International Honours  :  1998 FIFA World Cup Champion
2000 European Championship Winner
2006 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up

Individual Achievement

 French Ligue : 1994 Best Young Player, 1996 Player of The Year
2 Times French Player of The Year (1998, 2002)
2 Times Series A Foreign Footballer of The Year (1997, 2001)
1998 UEFA Champion League Best Midfielder
European Footballer of The Year : 1998 Gold, 2000 Silver, 1997 Bronze
 World Soccer Player of The Year : 1998 Gold, 2000 Silver Ball
2000 European Championship Player of The Tournament 
2001 Series A Footballer of The Year
2002 Spanish La Liga Foreign Player of The year
2002 UEFA Champion League Most Valuable Player
FIFA World Player of The Year : Gold (1998, 2000, 2003), 2006 Silver, 1997 and 2002 Bronze
2004 UEFA Jubilee Poll Winner
FIFA World Cup : 1998 All Stars Team, 2006 Golden Ball
Silver Ball French Player Of The Century

"Zizou" Zinedine Zidane is the greatest footballer in the World during the early 2000s. His primitive race is Algerian. Zidane was expected to be an important role of France after they disqualified for World Cup 1994 in the last minute but he could not be the superstar in Euro 96. Then, He moved to Juventus and helped them reach 2 consecutive UEFA Champion league final but lost all. In World Cup 1998, Zidane was renowned for scoring two goals in the final match with heading but he didin't win any ball of the tournament. Oppositely, He won FIFA World player of the year. He is rated by media in only one world-class domestic season in Series A. His prime was started after then in his career at Real Madrid. He was voted in top five FIFA World Player of The Year for 9 times during 10 years between 1997 and 2006. Zidane was almost perfect in his role setting organization of the game, superb ball controlling, precision passing combined with great physical option. Zidane is named in ESM team of the month 23 times and team of the year 4 times. In 2004, Zidane was finished as the best European footballer in the last 50 years by UEFA Jubilee Poll.

3. Zico 

Date Of Birth  :   3 March 1953
Nation    :  Brazil
Position   :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height  :   172 cm
Major Club  :   Flamengo
Caps   :   72 Games (52 Goals/20 Assists)
Professional Score Record  : 476 Goals/ 696 Games
World Cup Participation : 1978, 1982, 1986 (5 Goals/5 Assists)
Club Honours : 7 Times Brazil State Championship
4 Times Brazil National Championship
1981 Copa Libertadores Cup
1981 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours    :    1978 FIFA World Cup Third Place

                                                             Individual Achievement

2 Times Brazil Footballer of The Year (1974, 1982)
6 Times Brazil State Championship Top Scorer
2 Times Brazil National Championship Top Scorer
South American Footballer of The Year : Gold (1977,1981,1982), 1976 and 1980 Silver Ball
1982 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
World Soccer Player of The Year : 1983 Gold, 1984 Bronze
Flamengo - Campeonato Carioca All-Time Top Scorer
Flamengo - Campeonato Carioca Greatest Player Ever  
Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame

"Rooster of Quintinho" Zico is commonly considered as one of the most skilled dribblers and finishers ever and was the world's best player of the early 80's. An excellent organizor and creator, but also the deadly dribbler on the run, Zico was equally proficient finisher. Many of his goals were sudden and unexpected but spectacular efforts. He was also known as one of history's greatest free kick specialists, able to bend the ball with pace and accuracy as well as having an extremely powerful shot, scoring around 100 FK goals in his career. He holds the record all-time Top Scorer in Flamengo's history and won silver ball Brazilian footballer of the year 5 times. He played for Udinese for 2 seasons. The first one was great done with his 24 goals from 33 games but the injury made him had a hard time in the second season. He was voted 5th place best player of the tournament in the 1982 FIFA World Cup. Zico also finished 5th place South American footballer of the year in 1979. Despite Zico is one of the best players the world has ever seen but he was not ranked in top 10 the greatest footballer ever in many polls due to his non-trophy profile in World Cup. But still, He was finished 9th the greatest player ever by France football’s poll.

2. MicheI Platini

Date Of Birth  :   21 June 1955
Nation   :  France
Position   :   Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height   :   178 cm        
Major Club   :   Nancy, Juventus
Caps   :  72 Games (41 Goals/20 Assists)
Professional Score Record  : 318 Goals/ 580 Games
World Cup Participation : 1978,82,86 (14 Games/5 Goals/4 Assists)
Club Honours   :  1 Time French League, 1 Time French Cup
2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia
1984 European Cup Winners’ Cup
1985 European Cup Winner, 1983 Runner-Up
1985 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours    :  1984 European Championship Winner
1986 FIFA World Cup Third place

Individual Achievement

2 Times French Player of The Year (1976, 1977)
1986 FIFA World Cup All Star Team 
1984 Guerin Italian Series A Player of The Year
1984 European Championship Top Scorer - Best Player
European Footballer of The Year : Gold (1983,1984,1985), 1977 and 1980 Bronze Ball
World Soccer Player of The Year : Gold (1984, 1985), 1983 Silver
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 IFFHS France Player of The Century
Golden Ball French Player of The Century
Juventus' Greatest Player Ever
French Ligue Greatest Ever
European Championship Most Consecutive Games Scorer
European Championship All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever

“Napolean of Football”  Michel Platini is widely considered as the greatest midfielder in history of European football and the finest footballer in the Europe during the middle 1980s. He was famous as a leader of “The Magic Sqaure” alongside Alain Giresse, Luis Fernández and Jean Tigana , the group of midfield players that formed the heart of the French national team throughout the 1980s. He is also widely regarded as the greatest passer in football history as well as one of history's greatest free kick specialists and finishers and also possessed superlative reading the game skill, intelligently movement to score a large number of goals. He holds the record for most goals (9) scored in European Championship final tournaments despite only appearing in one such tournament (1984). Despite being a midfielder, he held the national team top scorer record until striker Thierry Henry surpassed in 2007. Platini also finished in 4th and 5th Ballon'Dor three times. He was voted 4th best player of the 1986 FIFA World Cup Tournament. Platini was voted 5th, 5th,7th World’s greatest footballer of all-time by France Football, World Soccer and IFFHS poll, Respectively.

1. Diego Maradona

Date Of Birth  :   30 October 1960
Nation   :   Argentina
Position  :   Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height   :   167 cm        
Major Club  :   Argentinos Junior, Napoli
Caps   :   91 Games (34 Goals/28 Assists)
Professional Score Record  : 304 Goals/ 583 Games
World Cup Participation : 1982,86,90 (21 Games/7 Goals/8 Assists)
Club Honours   :    2 Times Italian Series A
1 Time Argentina Primera Division
1 Time Copa Del Rey, 1 Time Copa Italia, 1989 UEFA Cup
International Honours   :  1986 FIFA World Cup Winners
1990 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up

Individual Achievement

3 Times Argentinean League Top Scorer (1979, 1980, 1981)
4 Times Argentina Footballer of The Year (1979, 1980, 1981, 1986)
1979 South American League Top Scorer
6 Times El Mundo South American Footballer of The Year 
(1979, 1980, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1992), (1982 Silver Ball, 1983 Bronze Ball)
1985 Guerin Italian Series A Footballer of The Year
FIFA World Cup : 1986 Golden Ball, 1990 Bronze Ball
2 Times Argentine Sportsman of the Year (1979, 1986)
1986 L'Equippe World Sportsman of The Year
World Soccer Player of The Year : 1986 Gold, 1987 Silver, 1985 and 1990 Bronze
1986 United Press International Athletic of The Year
1988 Italian Series A Top Scorer
1999 Argentine Sports Writers' Sportsman of The Century
1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 Silver Ball World Soccer Player of The Century
1999 Silver Ball France Football’s Footballer of The Century
1999 IFFHS Argentina Player of The Century
2000 FIFA Best Football Player of The Century
2002 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
Napoli - Italian Series A Greatest Player Ever             

Diego Maradona is regarded by many as the greatest footballer of all-time. A Phenomenon footballer, who led a normal-level team in Italy to be Champion with his own abilities, He was a ball wizard who had incredible touch and control of the ball. His genius was as a creator of opportunities assisted by exceptional passing technique. His most famous was a wonderful dribbling, several times could get pass defenders easily. Over the course of his professional club career Maradona played for Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Newell's Old Boys and Napoli, setting world-record contract fees. In his international career, In the World Cup 1986's quarter-final round he scored two goals in a 2-1 victory over England that entered soccer history, though for two very different reasons. The first goal was an unpenalized handball known as the "Hand of God", while the second goal was a spectacular 60-metre weave through six England players, commonly referred to as "The Goal of the Century". For various reasons, Maradona is considered one of the sport's most controversial and newsworthy figures. He was suspended from football for 15 months in 1991 after failing a doping test for cocaine in Italy, and he was sent home from the 1994 World Cup in the USA for using ephedrine. Maradona is believed to reach World-Class around 8 seasons in domestic club and the most winners in the distinctive World Player of The Year and his 1984 - 1985 individual season at Napoli is considered as one of the best ever. He finished second place in World Soccer Player of The Century and France Football Player of The Century.

Honourable Mention

Dragan Stojkovic

Date Of Birth  :  3 March 1965
Nation   :   Yugoslavia
Position  :  Playmaking-Attacking Midifelder
Height   :  175 cm
Major Club  :  Red Star Belgrade, Nagoya Grampus Eight
Caps    :   84 Games (15 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :    1990, 1998 (9 Games)
Club Honours  :  2 Times Yugoslavian League, 1 Time J League
1 Time Yugoslavain Cup
1993 European Cup Winners, 1991 Runner-Up
International Honours    :    None
Individual Achievement  :   
2 Times Yugoslavian Footballer of The Year (1988, 1989)
1990 FIFA World Cup All Star Team
1995 Jay League Most Valuable Player

"Piksi" Dragan Stojkovic is considered one of the most talent players in the history of Yugoslavian and Serbian football but his club career was largely effected by injury . He is one of the five players to be awarded the title Star of the Red Star. He developed into the best player in the league and his stellar performances with the club earned him the title of Zvezdina Zvezda only given out to the very best players in the club's storied history. Then he moved to Olympique de Marseille but mostly out of almost two seasons due to the injury, a half-season loan move to Hellas Verona sandwiched in-between his stints in Marseille. Stojković then signed with Japanese J-League team Nagoya Grampus Eight, then managed by Arsène Wenger. In the late career, he spent seven seasons with the Grampus Eight. Stojkovic reached highest place in Ballon'Dor at 6th in 1989.


By Nations

Brazil : 7
Argentina : 6
France : 5
Italy  : 5
Germany : 4
Yugoslavia : 3
Uruguay : 3
England : 3
Spain : 2
Romania : 2
Peru : 2
Poland : 2
Holland : 1
Hungary : 1
Belgium : 1
Sweden : 1
Denmark : 1
Bulgaria : 1
Ireland : 1
Portugal : 1

By Decade

1910s : -
1920s :  1
1930s  : 0.5
1940s  : 4.5
1950s  : 5
1960s  : 8.5
1970s  : 11
1980s  : 12
1990s  : 3.5
2000s  : 4.5
2010s :  0.5

By Position

Playmaker : 17
Attacking Midfielder : 8
Free-Role Attacker : 4.5
Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder : 20.5


Class : Crown


Class : King


Diego Maradona




Michel Platini, Zico, 
Zinedine Zidane

Class : Queen


Bobby Charlton, Zizinho,
Ruud Gullit, Adolfo Pedernera,
Raymond Kopa,
Luis Suarez Miramontes,
Gianni Rivera, Rivellino,
Michael Laudrup, Andres Iniesta


Sandro Mazzola, Socrates
Wolfgang OverathAntonio Sastre
Teofilo Cubillas, 
Juan Roman Riquelme,
Valentino Mazzola,
Juan Schiaffino, Enzo Francescoli
Kazimerz Deyna, Gheorghe Hagi,
Gunther NetzerAlian Giresse
Ricardo Bochini, Kaka, 
Jair Da Rosa, Nils Liedholm


Hristo Bonev, Bernd Schuster, 
Rui Costa, Pedro Rocha, 
Helmut Haller, Gyorgi Orth,
Thomas Haesler, Glenn Hoddle,   
Giancarlo Antognoni,
Dragoslav Sekularac,
Liam Brady, Safet Susic, 
Larbi Benbarek, Andrea Pirlo
Ademir Da Guia, Nicolae Dobrin, 
Dragan Stojkovic, Johnny Haynes,
Cesar Cueto, Jan Ceulemans

Substitution Group : First-Class

Paul Scholes         :   England/ Late 90's to 2000s
Wesley Sneijder     :  Netherlands/2000s
Mezut Ozil             :  Germany/2000s to 2010s
Juan Sebastian Veron : Argentina/ Late 90's to 2000's
Andreas Moller       :  Germany/ 90's
Giovanni Ferrari      :   Italy/ 30's
Tibor Nyilasi          : Hungary/1960s to 1970s

The Highest Offensive Midfielder's Peaks of All-Time

1.  Diego Maradona
2.  Zico
3.  Ruud Gullit
4.  Michel Platini
5. Zinedine Zidane 
6.  Michael Laudrup
7.  Rivelino
8.  Zizinho
9. Luis Suarez Miramontes  
10.Gianni Rivera  


  1. Why Maradona and Zico have a AAA- Domestic Club Performance but Pelé and Di Stéfano have a AAA Domestic Club Performance? In "The Greatest Domestic Club Footballers of All-Time" you put Maradona first, Pelé second, Zico third and Di Stéfano fourth.

    1. Yes that because this list had not been updated from competition level greatest ever database. Now I have updated all lists in the main hall from the database.
      Thanks You for tremendous help on revision of the omissions.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. pirlo was word class the whole time. he was the most important player for milan, which was the best team in the world for years. he was man of the match in wm2006 final and semifinal, in 2010 he was injured. since he has a beard he has more charisma perhaps, which seems to be very important for the fifa.with 35 years he is worse than before, slower, but still one of the best. he deserved more than that.

    1. Because Milan in the first half 2000s was full of superstars, impact level on the team must be contributed to several players until the mid-2000s Pirlo became more impact but he is not world-class in all seasons. He is one of the best creators but his technique is not among the best.

  4. sorry but you are the first, who says that his technique is not brilliant. only because of that he is able to have such an elegant style of play.
    and he is no attacking midfielder. i have seen almost all games for italy and he never played something like a more offensive playmaker role there. only in the youth national teams.
    apart from that this page is great ;)
    and i have a question: who classifies the careers of the players in somerhing like ''world-class'' or ''almost world-class'' - seasons? and can you be sure that the people 50 years ago judged that by exactly the same criteria?

  5. You need to review your reading again as I'm not specify he is not brilliant in technique but he is just incomparable from the best ever technical players likes Zidane, Rivelino, etc.

    I clearly specified in the top page about definition of offensive midfielder. Pure deep-lying playmaker whose offensive ability is better than defensive and physical ability enough, is considered as more OM than CM.

    Classification of Series A players is provided base on media rating statistical grouping but media rating is not everything, must be filtered in its biased between various positions and comparing with other sources, awards or eye watch.

    In the past more than 50 years, it has very few evidence of rating. So I'm now best at implementing rating technique, studying to specify prime and peak period of players, analysis of ability and impact level on their team, base on annual awards, information in articles, involved statistics, etc.

    1. and he won 5 times serie a and was two times serie a player of the year, but those are the only things i still have to add ^^

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dear, Readers

    AM list between 20th and 24th has been alternated in ranking as a result from deeper consideration.
    When Bundesliga team of the week is taken into account, Netzer is found to be much better than Overath in domestic career. German footballer of the year and Ballon D’or voting also gave a clear higher favor of Netzer. Netzer’s peak is seen to be higher than Overath undoubtedly. So, I have ranked him ahead of Overath.
    And not only Overath but also surpass Socrates who never participated in Copa Libertadores Cup and is marked as one of the most irregular performer. Another one whom I ranked below Netzer is Liedholm who is considered in very equal state but Netzer is chosen in a favor of skill. Both is one of the best passers ever while Netzer is clearly better in technique.

  8. Very good job! Excellent football knowledge. I have a question for you:
    Which formation do you think would compliment Maradona's style of play more?
    And which world class players could be his teammates for an ideal ultimate team centered around him? For example, maybe Best or Cruyff are not ideal for this team because they need a ball on their own and create plays by themselves. Which would be the best FW possible to be in front of him? Or would he shine in a Barcelona's 4-3-3 doing the job of Messi?
    I want to hear your opinion on this matter.
    Also, maybe a section in this blogspot where you say your opinion on the best XI for different formations would be very interesting! Consider this idea, please. Keep up the good work!

    1. Maradona is best at advanced midfield to trequartista position, thereby he would fit to 4-2-3-1,4-3-1-2, 4-4-2 diamond, 3-5-2 or applied 4-4-2 is workable. The traditional Barcelona 4-3-3 would give his role as a left-forward and I don't think he will perform his best potential regularly.

      I'd select 4-3-1-2 similar to Milan's mid-2000s tactic.

      Forward : It'd definitely go for Messi whom I believe to compatibly play along with maradona when Messi is set in the right-forward. When Maradona get down in midfield area to keep the ball, Messi will stand to find the opportunity very well. Another forward would be target man who is strong and very good at keeping the ball in the front line to wait for Maradona in supporting of scoring, I'd go for Van Basten.

      Maradona will be based on trequartista position and three midfielders should not be much in sharing the scene of Maradona as a creator, would be DM : Rijkaard, Left-Midfielder : Zizinho, Right-Midfielder : Matthaus (I believe he would fit to this role, thanks for his all-round functions.

      All-Time World XI is different formation is interesting. I'll note it in my plan of works progression.

  9. Charlton is omitted in "The Highest Offensive Midfielder's Peaks of All-Time"

  10. Michael Laudrup has AA+ in Peak Performance but in "The Highest Offensive Midfielder's Peaks of All-Time" he is behind Zizinho, Rivelino and Rivera and they have AA in Peak Performance.

    1. OK, I update peak performance of Zizinho from AA to AA+ and M.Laudrup is just behind him in the list.

    2. Ok, thank you for your revision.

  11. How do you define dribbling? I see some players here that have high dribbling rating but they were not so good at getting past players. Primarily because their lack of speed.

    1. Dribbling technique and dribbling speed are a relative skill. Player with low dribbling speed but possessed dribbling technique likes Zidane would get pass many players in La liga, respectively but he arguably would have been struggle in Premier League likes the example of Veron who was switched from success in Italy to failure in England.
      Anyway, the skill rating is admitted to have been a primary state of development and it need to research much more.

    2. So do you consider dribbling speed and technique or just technique here in dribbling credit bond rating?

  12. Both because it works and is dependent together.

  13. Laudrup or V. Mazzola have his Total Performance incorrect.

  14. For me, the Top 5 attacking midfielders are:

    1. Maradona - greatest #10 of all time
    2. Zico - in his peak, equal to Maradona. Ultimate technique, my favourite Brazilian.
    3. Platini - match winner. Zico and Michel ruled the 80s.

    4. Zidane - my favourite #10 from past 20 years. Give Zizou the ball.
    5. Laudrup - one of the best passers I've ever seen. Supreme dribbler too.

    1. Your mentioned names are basically the most talented pure playmakers ever. I said that because Gullit, Charlton and Zizinho did not have a level of pure playmaking skill as high as those names but anyway the attacking midfielder did not include only pure playmaker.

  15. Ademir da Guia was not offensiv side, was half owner field.

    1. I know that. Ademir Da Guia is a deep-lying playmaker, is categorized in offensive midfielder position because of his high gap between offensive and defensive skill. To clarify the criteria in categorization between overlapped positions, I’ll specify in the methodology soon.

  16. You haven't heard about Nicolae Dobrin - the white Pele - that he couldn't play against him and England at the World Cup in Mexico because of his team mates and the coache how where despising him , and said that they will not pay if he dose . After a match against Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabeu offered the Romanian government 4 mil. $ to bay him and they refused because he was consider a "national treasure" no joke and also Kempes said he is the best player hi ever plaid against.

    1. I know all of your reference but he is totally lack of international opportunity so his talent was never fulfilled in that stage. When consider his place in Romanian footballer of the year, he won it only three times while Hagi and Popescu won a lot more than him and if considered candidates between eras, the candidates in Dobrin’s era is considered not superior to the Hagi and Popescu’s era which is even the golden age of Romanian football.

  17. Kaka or Totti?

  18. No Riquelme in top 20 peaks? He lead Villareal to champions league semi-finals and was good at world cup after that.

    1. Do you have assist stats of Riquelme in La Liga seasons and UEFA Champion League ? It will interest how much productive of him. I see he was very underrated in Ballon'Dor voting. He is rated below top 20 peak AM because of his limitation in more advanced role (All players in top 20 is great in both creator and advanced midfielder in trequarter area.

    2. In 2006 cl he had just one assist, and in 2006 la liga he had 4 assists.
      The other seasons you can try to reconstruct from his espn player profile and transfermarkt profile but since transfermarkt didn't track assists for every game in those previous seasons it's not reliable, and espn has 4 assists to his name in 2005 la liga but they didn't track assists for that season in la liga, plus they got his number of games wrong so it can't be reliable. However his 2005/06 season is a sure thing, it's accurate.

  19. And one more thing, are you sure Riqulme had 4 assists in world cup? Planet world cup says he had 3 assists,

    1. Wikipedia specified he is the 2006 World Cup top assist. I'm refer to record of a site which now has been closed. I now have no time to check in youtube. If you can confirm me the correctness of 3 assists, I'll revise.

    2. I'll check and let you know when i have time. I also found somewhere 4 and somewhere for assists but if you got it from opta site it's surely 4.

    3. I checked, he did have 4 assists. Even 5 if we count "wide rule assists", but 4 OPTA assists.

    4. In champions league 2003 he had 4 assists.

    5. OK, good info. Really interested for his assists in 2005 - 2006 season.

    6. He had 4 in league and 1 in cl, as i said.

    7. Yes, that seems incredibly low and he even scored much more than assists (12 goals) in la liga. In UCL, his score + assist is only 3 from 12 games but Villareal also scored only 8 goals in the tournament so it is still very good impact on his team.

    8. Yes, it is a good impact. He scored 12 but there was a lot of penalties. There were a few penalties that came after his through balls.

  20. What season did you use as Zidane's peak?

    1. You can see in
      For only domestic, I rate Zidane between 2001 - 2004 seasonal year as his peak.

  21. Helmut Haller was born in 1939, not 1949.

  22. Good profile on Giresse. Only, if you do mention of his top 10 at Ballon d'or ranking in 1984, why not mentioning his second place in 1982?
    Btw, I don't know how I'd rank them but in my opinion (I insist on "in my opinion") :
    too low : mainly, Ben Barek, Schuster. too high : mainly, Liedholm and Overath. I also have my opinion of what could be the order of the top 3 of course but it is difficult to hierarchise them. Even top 4. Maybe also I'd have Stojkovic in. That's an opinion.

    1. Top 3 Ballon’dor is already mentioned in profile so it is no need to repeat again in article. Stojkovic was too much impacted by his injury. As studied, Liedholm in Swedish league was not outstanding enough (he played until 28 years old) and unfortunately he contributed too few amount for Sweden. He has a similar performance profile to Schuster.

    2. But, why Liedholm is ahead of the pack wich consists in Deyna, Jair, Riquelme, Giresse, Bochini when Schuster is at the end of it?

    3. Liedholm and Schuster has a similar profile but it is still not the same. Between the gap, those players has an overall performance enough to fill when they have other profiles characteristic.

  23. Who is the all time top assister in FIFA world cup? I know that kopa did 9 assists and maradona did 8.

    1. As far as i know Pele also had 9 assists. 2 in 1958, 1 in 1966 and 6 in 1970.

  24. What about Scholes? He isn't even on the list, well that's just terrible!

    1. He is one of the most loved players but I have explained the reasons earlier in this developed comments.

  25. Hi Naratorn, I have followed your work for a long time and have always held it in very high regard.

    I was wondering the specific reasons why you have switched Zico above Platini. I noticed that, looking at the score cards, Zico's domestic club performance is much higher, but Platini has higher international club and national team scores. I think I am just surprised that Platini has only a narrowly higher national team score, since I always regarded him as one of the best national team players ever. Granted, Zico had horrible luck with national team injuries, but he always seemed more comfortable with Flamengo than with Brazil.

    Thanks! Please continue the excellent work and the friendly and open conversation.

    1. Hi, the result of NT point is different only 3 points between Zico and Platini because the system is designed to save players who has limited opportunity in participation as the opportunity to participate in deeper round is much more depend on team work than individual performance. Moreover, there was a high limitation for Brazilian players to participate in Copa America due to rotation policy so the opportune factor is designed to control the disadvantage in appropriate level.

      In example, this is the NT point in final tournaments for both

      Platini 51/60.5 = 84.3 %
      Zico 37.5/53 = 70.7 %
      Platini is by far better than Zico in final tournaments but the divisor is also different based on level of opportunity. As Zico is more limited in opportunity, the lower point is less affected when the divisor is also fewer than that of Platini.
      Other than that, Zico is much better than Platini in qualification and minor cups performance.

  26. Dearman --

    I have noticed that Valentino Mazzola has dropped significantly down the rankings and was curious as to the specific reasons.

    1. He is lack of international opportunity and his domestic club career was also shortening by the Superga disaster. Note that he also started to shine as a prominent star not so young. When his performance was conducted to the systematic implementation, it shows he was highly overrated.

  27. Platini is better than Zico Zico is better than in dribbling but the rest Platini better.Kaka is too low.he had been better than Ronaldo and Messi for 2 years.
    Good information

  28. Kaka is too low in my opinion .He should be higher than 25 although he has been injured.Why Platini is under Zico?Platini has 3 ballandor(only Europe in 30years ago) but you must not speak ballandor compare with South American players because South Amercan cannot have ballandor in 30years ago.But Platini is better than Zico in national team He is phenomenon in Euro 1984 with the fastest ha trick in the history of Euro championship and overall is nine goals Zico is very good in nation with phenomenon in World Cup 1982 and Copa America 1983 but you don't compare with Platini it's not a same level Platini is better than Zico in 1 level.
    Conclusion I am Fernado555 in above comment but the reasons that I rewrite because I notice that I have too mistake in words. at the moment that I was writing(2 days ago) I was very tired and I want to sleep sorry sir.
    Your blog is very good.I like your blog

  29. Why Kaka is too low?
    Platini is better than Zico in pure talent and National team.

    1. Easily, his injury impacted his career too early.

  30. I wanted to ask you who do you think is the most proeminent assister of all time and other candidades. Assists have only been properly counted since the 90s and the actual top assister in history is impossible to name for anybody , but all we can do is guess.
    The common name the pops up for the majority of people and my number one spot is obviously Zico. When I think of the classic no.10 , I don't think of either Pele and Maradona but ZICO. He is easly one of the best passers ever and we have seen his incredible assisting potency in the historic matcjup against Liverpool.

    Other players that I think to be serious contenders:

    2.Stanley Matthews. He is one of the greatest crossers in football history and also has the best longevity of any player ever. So a player who mainly built his career by setting up others in so many seasons is easly a contender for history's top assister.

    3.Nils Liedholm. Liedholm is famously known for constantly supplying the great Gunnar Nordhal for his goals and that alone is enough to secure him as a great assister. The famous story about the San Siro giving him a standing ovation for missiplacing his first pass there in 2 years is also a great indicator wich makes Liedholm a top contender for the greatest assister ever.

    4.Pele. Apart from being the greatest player of all time , he is the one that made the no.10 kit what it is in history. He has also provided over 30 assists for his NT , and since OPTA recods stas(1966 WC) he is the World Cup record assister. Putting together WC Finals alone(club and FIFA) he was 5 assists. He is also the most creative forward in history , so Pele is a sure contenter for history no.1 assister.

    5.Michael Laudrup. Laudrup is the greatest passer in modern era , and if judging by video evidence , the best ever so that alone makes him a top contender. He was known as an absolute assister being the main reason for many great goal scorer's succes.
    Iván Zamorano: "A genius! …The reason why I make so many goals is Laudrup"
    Stoichkov: "From more than hundred goals that I scored I'm sure that over 50 were assisted by Michael"
    Romario also was one of the players who were fed by Laudrup , reason for wich he ranked Michael as the 4th best player ever.

    6.Johan Cruyff. One of the most creative Forwards of all time , Cruyff was renowned as an abnormal asister , and his National Team assist per game ration is a testimony to this. He managed 26 assists in only 48 games.

    7.Raymond Kopa. He was a renowned playmaker also playing with many top goal scorers of history. His assist per game ration is incredible , having 20 assists in only 45 games. He is also the all time WC assister.

    8.Francisco Gento. I have not verified this fact , but I ever heared that he assisted all 7 goals in the 1960 European Cup Final. Being a world class longevity winger in such a dominant team of the team makes Gento a great candidate.

    9.Michel Platini. You rank him as the greatest passer of all time and he is no doubt one of the best ever.

    10.Carlos Valderrama. He has the best assist per game ration in the top all time 10 of MLS. His record of 26 assists in 32 games of the 200 season his considered the most unbrakable MLS record by experts.

    Honourable mention: Coutinho for being Pele's partner at Santos and having great oportunity to assist.

    Since you are an educated football history gatherer , what is your guess on the matter?

    1. The highest assist providers is predicted to be players in the 1930s or 1950s since there was a large number of scores in those eras and also number of appearances is basically the advanatge. Di Stefano and Puskas might have been the all-time top assistor by this. However, Pele is also a strong contender when Santos played against many weak opponents in state championship. Matthews is possibly a winner but I decline to think so when his club scored much lower than that of Pele, Di Stefano and Puskas.

  31. Out of the 3 , Pele was no doubt the most creative and he also played more games so based on your input , I'd choose him as the most plausible option.
    By the way , you rank Platini as the greatest passer ever. He is no doubt amongst the very best but why have you choose him as the all time no.1?
    For example Laudrup is also unanimously described as amongst the best/the best ever and video evidence suggest that he was better than Platini , best ever for my taste. Why have you ranked Platini ahead of the likes of Laudrup , Didi , Liedholm(what is your opinion on his story. If even in the slightest it is remotly close to the truth , he should be easly no.1) , or even his contemporary Zico?

    1. If noticeable, AM commonly have a lower assists than FW becaude they played deeper and the opportunity to assist is also lower than forward who have closer position to shooter. Also, Platini played in series A during the mid-80s that was mot much productive in scoring.

  32. Why is Overath above Kaka?
    2002-MVP of Brazilian League
    2004-Serie A MVP , Top
    2005-UEFA Club Midfielder of the Year , FIFA WPOTY-8th place
    2006-FIFPro World XI,UEFA Team of the Year , FIFA WPOTY-7th place
    2007-Universally acclaimed as the World's undisputed best player
    2008-4th best player of the year according to FIFA
    2009-4th best player of the year according to FIFA

    Ronaldinho-"For two, maybe three seasons [at Milan] he was the best player in the world, there was nothing he couldn’t do."

    You say Overath is generally underrated but I say that you Overathed him!

  33. I don't understand the position of iniesta. What do make Laudrup better than Iniesta ? I love both but the fact danemark didn't need him to win euro 1992 shows maybe he was not so important. For me Iniesta should be at least 5.

    1. Laudrup is much more completed player with superior technique, vision and passing. Denmark win Euro 1992 without him is irrelevant. If Laudrup was there, Denmark could win the title even easier.

    2. First, congratulations for the work you are doing on the site and many thanks for your quick reply. Your job is really amazing !

      First arguments are acceptable (but arguable) but winning a title is not an exact science because if you change a little thing then every thing can turn into the contrary. Especially if it concers the playmaker the team depend on. Imagine, just like Ronaldinho in 2006 and after a huge season Laudrup is not in a good shape. This is all demark that could have suffered from it.

      Once again I love Laudrup and I am sad for him but this Euro is the thing than prevent him from being cosidered higher and that makes me think Iniesta deserve a higher position than him.

      Anyway really good job.

    3. We can additionally point the fact than iniesta is the only man designated as man of the match during a euro, c1 and world cup final.

    4. I think it might not be a significant point since the man of the match was unavailable in the past tournaments and the most obvious case is Beckenbauer for the 1972 Euro and 1974 World Cup that he could be great enough to have won man of the match.

    5. ok ok ok :) I don't say iniesta is better than beckenbauer or pelé, I just say I am not so sure of his positionning compared to Laudrup. And once again I do love both ! The only negative point I have about Iniesta but Laudrup is not so clean on the subject is the shooting/scoring ability. I am convinced Iniesta should have scored more even if it is hidden by his important goals versus germany, chelsea... If it's clear Laudrup has better acceleration/speed abilities allowing him to rush, for the others abilities I am not sure there is a big enough gap to compensate what iniesta has achevied.

      My point of view ;)

      Once again. Great work !

      P. G.

    6. If I can add a last thing about these two players; I don't know what speed is for you (Acceleration, sprint speed, mix of two ?) but M.Laudrup classified B- speed was faster than Iniesta classified the same. Iniesta spped wouldn't allow him to rush and like Laudrup was able to.

      I know you are about to stats review :)

      P. G.

    7. Speed covers both acceleration and speed without the ball. I will keep your suggestion until I will return to rate both of them in skill evaluation.

  34. ok ok ok :) I don't say iniesta is better than beckenbauer or pelé, I just say I am not so sure of his postionning compared to Laudrup. And once again I do love both !

  35. How is it possible, to give Platini a B+ on the scoring, and give Mardona an A?
    Platini was 3 times "capocannoniere" in Italy while Maradona just 1. Platini scored 41 goals in 72 appearances with France, Maradona 34 in 91 with Argentina. Platini's average goal scoring is (approx) 0,5 goal per match in his club carreer, much higher than Maradona's. I understand that your list is subjective, but goal scoring can be calculated and Platini was by far a better scorer than Maradona, you should update at least that point. I also believe that his technique should be A+ as his control of the ball was in no way inferior of Zico, Maradona and Zidane

    1. I totally agree and I need to have a time to review all stats when I have time.

    2. Are you doing all the stats alone ?

    3. Yes, I'd like to have a team for such a skill evaluation but it is hard to have the same standard between members so I decide to do it wholly.

    4. Hello,

      It's hard to have the same standard but you should established it with your team. Especially, maybe the most diffcult, personal feelings about player should not interfer in the ranking. You must be untouchables :)

      Thus it will be in line with what you want and the part of the subjectivity will be less important.

      Once again ! very good job !


  36. kaka can not be seen as playamking-attacking midfielder instead of a simple attacking midfielder ?

    1. He was good in creativity but his speed, dribbling and technique to conduct the ball is much more outstanding.

  37. It's strange to me to see Pirlo in this category. What is the justification ?

    1. His defensive skill is not great enough to be categorized as CM and he also played as offensive midfielder in some years. He more likes a playmaker than all-round midfielder.

  38. Skills were removed of will be updated after ?

    1. Skill has been removed because this thread is mainly intended for performance purpose and now the skill evaluation project has been started. It will be established in another thread.

  39. Modric(especially), Kroos and Ozil should replace the bottom 3 in this ranking. Modric and Kroos have been ranked as the best midfielders in the world at the 2017 FIFA awards.

  40. why zico stay in third place? If he´s considered for you King Silver (Platini Bronze and second place).

  41. What can expect Iniesta if he is key to win world cup 2018 with spain ?

    1. He should surpass Luis Suarez Miramontes as the best Spanish player ever and even take better place depend on his level of performance but he has passed his peak.

    2. Let's say, during the world cup he is elected man of the match in one group stage match, in quarter final, and in final. He scores 3 goals, delivers 3 assists and once again the wining one in world cup final.

      His peak has passed but we may have thought the same for Zidane and he achieved his best international tournament in 2006.

      Even with 2 world cups and such a performance, he can not be more than the 47th best player of all time ?

      Dribbling, passing, some playmaking abilities, versatility, huge achievements as key player, longevity... the only point I can see after such a world cup to not consider him higher is the fact he should have score more.

      What do you think ?

  42. In the top evaluation Zico has AAA- as total ability. What misses to Zico to have AAA. I see beckenbauer has AAA for example.

    1. Beckenbauer's total ability is AAA- as he is more complete than Zico. Anyway, I've been doing a research project of player skill and it might be adjusted when the project is finished.

    2. Sorry I wanted to say AAA- but I don't see why Zico is not more skillfull than Beckenbauer. For sure Zico was not a defender but he looks to me, at least at his prime, rather close to maradona in a lot of competence with a better scoring ability.

    3. Beckenbauer is highly creditable when he possesses a high quality in both defense and offense. I'm currently doing research about difficulty level of each skill. We will see how will it be go.

  43. In top 100 list, Gullit is 21 as greatest player (while Van Basten is 30). Gullit was one of the most complete footballer of all time, awesome with netherlands and milan but I see some negative points:
    - Champion's league won by PSV just one year after his left. Was he so important ?
    - Because of injuries except the first one it seems he didn't make full season for example only a few mmatchs 1989-1990 that gave him the champion's league. Once again was he so important ?
    - Amount of goal score is not really impressive in milan for a player of this class. At Least did he assist a lot ?

    It's just my feeling but I was surprised to see him as high in the list a lot ahead of player such as Iniesta, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho

    1. Indeed I felt the same seeing the ranking and your questions are full of sense.

    2. A review could be interesting

    3. Defintely, 21 would deserve a better explanation.

    4. Gullit is rated very in series A seasonal rating by guerin sportivo obtaining around 7.00 in two seasons. Van Basten encountered too often injury playing with bad condition in a high proportion of career.

    5. Thanks a lot to take time to reply.
      Milan ac 1987-1988 and Sampdoria 1993-1994 I suppose.
      Note Gullit was often injured too thus I am not sure it justifes totally this 21 ranking.

    6. Do we have Gullit assist stats somewhere ?

    7. The assist stats was never recorded until the late 1990s. The possibility to know assists stats of Gullit will be only for international competition like European Cup, UEFA Euro or world cup as the videos are available.

  44. In the top 100 evaluation Iniesta is (only) 50 while Pedernera is 52. Can you explain why in this list Pedernera is 13 and Iniesta 14 ?

    1. In footballer list, the criteria of national team is higher than that of positional list. Iniesta has much higher score in NT allowing him to be ranked higher.

  45. I may understand Pirlo seen as
    - Offensive-midfielder is 26 (I have a doubt on riquelme's ranking.)
    - Defensive-holding midfielder his defensive abilities are not enough.
    - Central-Holding midfielder may reach top 50 or at least top 100.
    - Playmaker in the 9x100 list is 27 even if it's harder but may be valid as you mix deep-lying playmakers and offensive midfielders (netherless, once gain, I have a doubt on riquelme's ranking and a so big gap between pirlo and xavi)

    But Pirlo seen as en entity is a greatest player than your ranking shows. Romantic, emotion triggering, elegant, charismatic, impacting on the game, revolutionnary (allowed to not defend in his position), leader, playmaker, huge palmares, longevity... everything that made a great player in my opinion, so understand it's hard to me, with all my respect to see Riquelme ahead of him in a ranking.

    1. By the way, if he was key to Villareal, he also failed in Barcelona and being a great playmaker for Boca Juniors, with all my respect, has not the same value as it used to be before the 1990's.

    2. Riquelme is better than Pirlo in almost all playmaking aspects but passing. Pirlo is more successful because he played with better teammates not because of his individual performance.

    3. Ok then if you compare Riquelme to Xavi can we do the same remarks about the ability ?

    4. In my evaluation, Xavi is still better in overall by slight margin because his vision to pass is one of the best ever.

    5. Are you so sure of Riquelme's contribution to Villareal in champion's league ? I don't remember he was as good as in la liga. Once again, with all my respect, being a great playmaker for Boca Juniors, has not the same value as it used to be before the 1990's.
      Thus, for me his prime is short in Villareal and when he came back to back even if he was important, he was less good than during his first seasons.

  46. Hagi was great for Steaua, Galatasaray or Romania but he fails everytime he could reach at international club level. How much does it impact his ranking because he seems really high to me.

    1. True. Quite strange to not be important for real or barcelona !

    2. Any explanations ?

    3. His performance with Romania is very great and compensate his failure at Spain.

  47. Could D.Silva be seen as a playmaker instead of a winger ?

    1. He was a free-role attacking midfielder who often operate in side midfield area. In playmaker position, I mainly set for central playmaker.

    2. In my opinion, he is maybe the most forgotten mention in ballon d'or ever. For example in 2012 ...

    3. And he is doing an amazing season with city

    4. D.Silva is defintely a great underrated player.

  48. David Silva should be in the list.

    1. can we have a chance to see him go up in the top 100 list after this year and the world cup ?

    2. It has been top 100 AM list in "9x10 positional ranking list"

    3. I see him upgraded from 76 to 55 as winger. Better but I think he has great playmaking abilities :)

    4. David Silva is characterized as a creative side midfielder. He is not a natural central player at all.

    5. If you cumulate the last years in city and I guesst the next ones, he will be more and more

  49. Why Maradona is in king gold class and Pele is in crown class? Because they have similar score in your player evaluation list. Maradona has 94.0 and Pele 94.8 final score.

    1. I did not update the class when I rate Pele down. Now it has been fixed.

  50. Ok, thanks. But Cristiano Ronaldo (89.9) and Puskas (88.9) doesn't have to be in the same class now? Maybe Im confuse about the score limits of the different classes.

    1. As CR7 has just performed world-class in UCL, Now his active rating will be raised to above 90 at the end of season. I understand it make confusion to you as I should update score and class simultaneously. Let wait for next month when I will update the score.

  51. Instead of ranking players for which I imagine we don't have nearly any materials except reputation. In this list I think about Ben Barek, Orth, Sastre ...
    Wouldn't it be better to mention them outside of the ranking and put players for which we have enough materials : Scholes, Moller, ozil, fabregas ...

  52. To put Zidane above Michael Laudrup is a joke. Trophy wise yes but he is inconsistent as mention by Inzaghi. Rui Costa is better creater too.

  53. Have you evaluated Gerald Vanenburg in the 9x100 list ?

    1. Just to ensure you saw this one.

  54. Hi, I can't find your reasoning for the omission of Paul Scholes, why isn't he listed? Thanks.

    1. His performance in international club is rather low. Anyway he miss 50th narrowly at 51th.

    2. Have you evaluated Ruben Baraja in the 9x100 list ? In my opinion he should appear.

  55. Have you evaluated Ruben Baraja in the 9x100 list ? In my opinion he should appear.

    1. He is surely not qualified with only 3 great seasons.

  56. Hi!

    Zidane play at Bordeaux. His pass is cool!

    King regards