The Player Skill Evaluation

* This paper is being developed within the skill evaluation project. 
It is scheduled to finish in May 2018. 

I.  Introduction and Historical Literature Review
               Footballer’s Skill in this context is the prime individual playing proficiency in specific role or position. Skill is the unique ability aspect that is developed through training and experience. Moreover, skill is an internal intangible resource that players utilize in application under the game situation and circumstance to achieve great performance.
             Pesdatabase[1] is a well-known players’ skill evaluation website that allows its administrators and free members to create players or legends skill profile in their specialization. However, the criteria standard of evaluation is largely different between personal perspectives.         
             Footballermanager[2] is a famous football software game that evaluate skills of current players by its professional team. Its original version was created in 1992. As the games have been creating in purpose to represent the skill of players in specific year and its evaluation system has been developing, the criteria between years is non-standardized.  
            Accordingly, this research work is aimed to rate football legends skill by standardizing the perspective criteria of legends skill evaluation through the history of football by visual inspection from videos and report in two main parts : Total Skill and Specialized skill.

II. Methodology
    Measurement of Skill Attribute
  It is measured in both qualitative and quantitative visual inspection by perspective of one evaluator in scales (0 - 10 in one decimal).

1. Total Skill

   1.1) Watch video and rate every related skill by approximate visual inspection and input score of each skill capture onto skill data format. The number of full-matches or highlights for each player will also be specified in the format.  
        1.1.1) Full-Matches
               - Pre-1954 : Video Highlight
          - 1954 - 1993 : Full match of historical games and some Video Highlights during the 1950s and the 1st half 1960s. The number of matches is planned as 222 in total as following competitions ;
                   International Country : 145 Matches
                   International Club : 70 Matches
                   Domestic : 7 Matches  
             - 1994 onwards : Author Tacit Knowledge : This period is the time that author watched important football matches regularly.
         1.1.2) Video Highlight of Individual Skill for all periods  

  1.2) The criteria formula in format will calculate total skill and rank top 50 most skillful players in by 9 positional category.     
       The criteria to calculate total skill of players by position is provided by below table.

2. Specialized Skill

      2.1) From the total skill, list 25 potential players candidates 
     2.2) Gather 5 -10 video playing samples of each potential player for each evaluated skill function from video highlight. The reliability index for number of samples will be indicated.
      2.3) Calculated circumstantial factor value by average parameters calculation (1 - 10 from lowest to highest difficulty) consists of ;
          2.3.1) Situation 
          2.3.2) Level of Opponent
          2.3.3) Level of Competition 
4) Evaluate each skill attribute by visual inspection. 
5) Calculate skill function scores by combining skill attribute proportional weight. 
6) Rank the best 10 - 20 players in specific skills.      

III. Implementation Plan     
    Project Plan : 14 October 2017 - 31 May 2018  
    Current Status : Complete full-Video watching. Now the all highlights videos are being watched. 

IV. Result & Statistics
To be completed as planned
V.  Discussion
To be completed as planned



  1. Why Stanley Matthews is above George Best in this ranking?

    1. Skill is only player’s potential. Top Performance will be reached when required skills are fulfilled its high potential coincidently. Matthews’s potential was rated insignificantly superior to George Best (could be equal) but Matthews never reached each of his best skill simultaneously. (details as below in priority of importance).
      1) Creator-Crosser-Team Work : Matthews >> George Best
      2) Dribble : George Best > Matthews
      3) Speed, Agility : George Best > Matthews
      4) Scoring : George Best >> Matthews
      Matthews is superior to George Best in only one major role which is given highest proportion. As I reviews in equal players result of comparison, I add new condition that players which has a more number of better skills will be advantageous. Thanks again for originating great point of improvement.

    2. Thanks for answering my question! This blog gets better every day!

  2. Why Ronaldo is listed as forward? Wasn't he a striker?

    1. That is very good question. It could be seen the positional ranking of total skill is categorized in more number than any other list but there are still equal number of attacker categorizations to the 10 x 100 ranking list. Even so, I set different criteria of categorization base on objective. For total skill ranking, Ronaldo is too much different from poacher in penalty box so his skill would not best fit to striker position in definitive skill. However, the 10 x 100 ranking list definite in wider range of striker as a main scorer role.

    2. Why isn't he in the winger category? also, I don't understand what the BM category means since Im guessing PM stands for plam maker.

    3. Whom are you refer should have been in winger list ?
      I have revised category name to easier understanding. DM means destroyer by which very high proportional criteria in defensive quality. CM give more weight in offensive skill. The first box is included both DM and CM list.

  3. think ribery is nor better than robben. robben has also the better goal and assist average than ribery. robben was only injured a lot, but his potential is higher than ribery's

    1. Ribery is just slower than Robben but is by far a better creator and crosser.

  4. hello naratorn wirunhchatapant! i want to ask you can you find me the best possible for a system 3-3-3-1? if you want extra details about the position that i want tell me to explain to you.
    you are the man. only you know

    1. Do you mean my Best XI of 3-3-3-1 system ?

    2. yes i care about balance also, not only names. people who play the position for this system perfectly.


    3. Pele
      Cruyff Maradona Messi
      Zidane Beckenbauer Matthaus
      Maldini Baresi Figueroa

      The 3-3-3-1 formation requires the great semi-side players in all three functional lines. Figueroa is not a semi-side defender in his historical playing but he would be most fit to this role for me even tougher than Thuram, thanks to his great speed. In midfield line, central midfielder should be a deep-lying defensive midfielder as he need to help defensive line very much and at the same times he must be a good creator of the game so I’d not hesitate to go for Beckenbauer. For left-midfielder in this formation, I’d say left-half is most similar to this position and Duncan Edwards is arguably the best left-half ever in hi peak. Anyway, I need to go for Zidane because it would be too defensive when I already choose Matthaus as right-midfielder.

  5. I want to help you. You can consult this 3 pages as a reference:

    1. Thanks, I've ever discussed with their Pesmit administrators. Now it's time for me to make my own research.

  6. Oh I forgot this page: (official Konami stats)

  7. When will you complete this list? Before the world cup?

    1. Thanks for asking. Now I have been watching all related highlight videos aside from 220 full-matches I have done. I try to finish at the end of this month but it might be late for a week.